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  • Nekogami (5/27/03 5:56 pm)

This is the world of Aowrn(Ow-wern). I was toying around this the idea of a new world and Bes showed interest so well......yeah we stopped toying and did something about it.

So.....ask questions or something. ;;;>.> Bes should follow this up with something that's more informative.

Map nekogami aowrn.jpg

  • Besyanteo (5/27/03 18:06)

Heh. Well, here's the idea, or what I understand the idea to be.

I was planning to make a new world, but didn't have the creativity to make a whole one. Neko wanted to make a world, and uhm... I can't speak for her thought process. In the end, I ended up giving Neko some information about two groups of people I'd made up, along with some local wildlife and vegetation. Then I added a continent to her map, and stuck some cities on it, and named my Continent Plenthera.

The question is, does anyone else want to get in on this? Mind you, this is NOT on Gaera. Different planet. If you want to add a few cities here, or a continent, talk to Neko. When that's done, hand her some information in a wordpad document about your country/continent. ... on that note, I'm not sharing Plenthera, for plotty reasons. >.> The people there have not interacted with the rest of the world, and do not know what lies beyond their shores.

Also, Neko and I decided to have a cap of 15 indiginous species for PCs to use. I've taken two of those, and Neko's made a few... "Humans, Plentharma*, Bahrii'ka*, Sylvan Elves, (some kind of Inujin), (some kind of nekojin), dragon and that's all I want so we'll leave the rest open "

Those marked with an '*' were the ones I invented. Whee. Now, because I feel like being that much mroe informative, here's the information thus far on Plenthera! (warning! much text ahead!)

Notes on the continent of Plenthera:

There are two intelligent peoples on thie continent: The Plentherma, and the Bahrii-Ka.


The Plentharma are a race of people still developing. They hang oddly between tribal and the level of developement in most Igalan countries. The Plentharmaalmost resemble Neko-jin, having short short orange fur, with purple stripes, cat ears and snouts. They have no tails, and stand about an extra foot an a half tall, due to having an extra chest and set of arms. Of note, the Plentharma aren't very good at farming cotton, so they have limited clothing. Only the rich wear shirts, though pants are still a mandate in any major city. The males are usually very docile. Not quite drones, they do what the females tell them, and tend to fall into professions such as artists or bards. They also have a very limited sex drive. To correct this, they farm a large nut like plant called the "Toki-agra". This will cause their personalities do do a 180 for a week or so, and it is very rare that during this period a pregnancy will fail to occur. The males of the species have to potential to be psychic senders, and all may be recievers. The females have no hope of either. The women tend to be similar in personality and temperment to real women. All religion and government are set up as a matriarchy, and most guards or police forces will be comprised solely of women. There are rare exceptions (if making a character, roll 1d20. On a natural 20...) where a male will have elevated hormone levels, and act in the same manner as any normal human male. This tends to be met with surprise, but aside from this reactions will, for obvious reasons, vary.


This race communicates solely by Telepathy. They do not have names, recognizing one another by the texture of their minds. Their race was named by the Plentharma, and they simply accept this title. They are at an intelectually higher level than the Plentharma, and it often shows. The average Bahrii'Ka appears to be a horse sized wolf, with a panther's tail with a ball of needles atattched to the end, and large wings at the shoulder. They Posses flight, and can shoot needles from their tail if necesary. These take a month to regrow. The average Bahrii-Ka is also a child (think 10 to 20 year old mindsets), as parents tend to be Dragon sized, and possess large territories and families. Their societies are familial ones, with the eldest member making decisions for the group. They are peacable explorers by nature, although until recently, circumstance kept them from leaving the forest in the south of Plenthera.

Joint History:

Until recently, the Plentharma did not know the Bahrii-Ka to be intelligent beings, and believed the eldest of the species to be the size of a large horse. The truth of the matter is still only nown to Plenth'Sa at this time. Prior to this knowledge, the Bahrii'Ka were hunted for sport. Clothing and decorations were made from their skin, teeth, claws, feathers, and other pieces of their body. In retaliation, the Bahrii'Ka stole children from the village of Plenth'Sa during the night, and raised by the Bahrii'Ka. The articles made from Bahrii'Ka's children were burried in a mass grave, while the missing Plentharman children are being returned to the Plentharma, though they are reluctant to go. Of note, the Bahrii'ka have discovered that by grinding the Toki-Agra into powderm and mixing small amounts into the Plentharma's food once a week, a male more emotionally, mentally and physically balanced with his female counterparts is produced. Neither species possess magic aside from previously mentioned abilities.

Vegitation of Note in Plenthera:

Toki-agra: The baseball sized, walnut like plant used to give the males of the Plentharma libido. It should be noted large doses over a short period of time can have undesireable and permanent effects. Regular use by the females of the race can cause both problems with reproductive system, and undersirable mental problems as with the males. Bahagra: Essentially a very large, ground based mass of vines. When something wanders into it, it's quickly ensnared, covered in vines, and covered in digestive juices. When they first sprout, they are able to eat birds and smaller creatures. If allowed to grow to full size, they can eat things as large as horses. It's irregular to find them outside the forest though, as it provides them with necesary camoflauge. Bahgri'Agra: Essentially an oak tree, which also holds vines in it's branches. When something passes close by, vines will snakes down to ensnare the limbs, and try to force the mouth open. when this has been accoplished, a large, banana-like seed attached to a vine is pushed down the throat, and dropped into the stomach. The victim is released, feeling ill, but able to get around. Over the period of two hours, as the digestive juices eat through the seed's outter lining, the seed begins to take root in the side of the stomach wall. The pain this causes is debilitating. Eventually, the victim dies as it's body is used as a food source for the new Bahgri'Agra. As a side note, the vines, when damaged, release a fluid which stinks horribly and induced vomitting if swallowed in any amount greater than a few drops. This makes biting the vines a trying task.

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  • Besyanteo (5/29/03 11:27)

... Wow. The responses are Staggering. :-/

Don't be afraid to post opinions on things at the least... seriously.

  • Crawling Reshiki (5/29/03 11:33)

Okay, since you need a question..

What are the weather patterns like on this planet, out of curiosity?

  • Besyanteo (5/29/03 11:54)

In my original plan for the Plentharma's world, there we re two seasons: The wet season, and the dry season. Before I explain these, keep in mind one of their years would have lasted for about 18 of our months. The first three and last three months of the wet season were warm rains with the occasional break in the clouds for sunshine. The middle three months were cold, always always rain. This meant flooding in different places, and it was fairly easy for people to fall ill with pnuemonia like diseases. The mirst three months of the dry season are the months we would see as spring. During the middle months this goes from warm and pleasantly to ungodly hot at their summer solstice. Then things would begin to cool down, and the last three months would be similar to our fall in weather, without the leaf shedding. Different crops, due to their varied growth cycles, could be harvested year round.

However, I haven't discussed this with Neko about this, and thus it may not stick, or may only apply to Plenthera, with the year lengthened or shortened as appropriate. More questions comments about the developing world?

  • pd Rydia (5/29/03 17:31)

Interesting world you have made so far. I look forward to reading more.

It'd be interesting to see concept art of the Plentharma and Bahrii'Ka. Also, whenever you finish this dealy up, feel free to write up a small guide for the website.

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  • Besyanteo (5/30/03 9:10)

Concept art? K.


Plentharma male, with markings on the pants to display where the stripes lie on his body beneathe them.

Bahrii'Ka, and a number of Plentharman weapons. Whee. Of note, the other creature there, the Gehl'Ka, is an unintelligent land-based jellyfish, which reproduce in large numbers, and make a source of food for many predators in Plenthera. Tend to live near rivers, and always seem to be making this face: e.e; Tis their lot in life.

These were done in all of maybe 20-30 minutes each, in pen.

  • pd Rydia (5/31/03 1:07)

The stripes are very precisely placed, ne?

Spiffy. I like the Bahrii-ka best.

  • Besyanteo (5/31/03 2:16)

More Info! Forgotten notes on the Plentharma's physiology:

The Plentharma, not only possessing of two chests, four lungs, one massive heart, also have two sets of vocal chords, which they can use or not use at will. This means each individual actually possesses two voices. This is incorporated into their language. One word may have two meanings, dependant upon the voice it is spoken with.

The secondary set of lungs makes for increased breathing capacity, making the Plentharma naturally excelent divers. It is not unusual to see a young Plentharma girl playing with pearls like our children play with glass marbles. Their hearts, being huge by comparison to our own, and not having too much extra body to pump blood through, can easily beat at a slower rate. For a Plentharma to die of a heart attack would be very rare indeed.

Cultural notes:

The Plentharma are a tribal society, attempting to exist as a series of city states. This has worked so far, but as the population goes up, so will the problems with this type of Government. The Capital city of Plenth'Raim is especially under preasure to shift from the matriarchary to a senate representing the people of the city.

The Plentharma, as a people, believe in a single Deity, whom they know as the "Shen'ai'ka", "She who walks with beasts". Up until recently, their beliefs told them to hold men as inferior, homosexuality was a deadly sin, that the land was their to do with as they saw fit, and one day the Shen'ai'ka would come to judge them. In recent months, she did so, or so they believe. An interplanetary traveler came to visit, and posed as the Shen'ai'ka, with some assistance from the Bahrii'ka. She effectively rewrote the Plentharma's religous beleifs, so that men would be equal with women socially, and that "love is love", among various other things. She then promised to return again one day, when she felt they needed guidance once again. This incident was, however, isolated to Plenth'Sa. It is still unsure how the rest of Plenthera will react to having missed the second coming of their goddess.

The Bahrii'Ka are atheists. They believe only in themselves, one another, and the world around them as they percieve it. They do understand, however, that they cannot force their views on the Plentharma... and at the same time, had to act in order to keep both their societies from eventually being wiped out. The traveler was simply the way out they had been searching for.

In closing, Ages on average! Plentharma tend to reach 120-150 in our years, while the Bahrii'Ka can live to be as old as 400-450.

  • Uncle Pervy (5/31/03 2:51)

Via agreement between Neko and I (IE: as a birthday), the Sidhe have a presense here.

What the presense is shall be revealed when the time is right.

  • pd Rydia (5/31/03 17:42)

Pearls aren't good play toys, I believe I remember from way back when I was a gem enthusiast that they're rather fragile. Of course, I'm sure Aowrn can have more hardy pearl-producing critters of the sea.



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  • Nekogami (6/1/03 0:13)



For 7 months out of the year Xirien's northern extremities become iceland with temperatures at -10 celsius common. The lower lands while experiencing deep cold are much more bearable with temperperatures at 0 celsius the norm. During the summer months temperatures are cool never climbing much above 80 degrees. The rainfall recieved is comfortable, never too much or too little in anyone place.


Xirien is a continent divided by feudal domains. There are several kings, no concrete borders and many lords hungry for power. The Kings are those lords that have acquired a vast army, not necessarily a large domain and have settled themselves comfortably in their castles. A lord is a title many carry mostly in name only but there are fewer folk that have been endowed to serve under a king. Most are just petty warlords that have stayed in one place and serve mostly as mayors.

Xirien has a small elven population, concentrated mainly in the southern forests. Two smaller and deeply introverted population exists in the desert and forest of the north. Elves seen in human towns or serving a lord/king are probably from the southern forest as they carry a lesser disdain for non-elven races.

Merchants are the most hated and respected occupations of Xirien. It can be said that they are the life blood of the continent with the many purposes the serves. Informants, suppliers, agents, and politicians; they pull a lot of weight in Xirien. Some merchants are famous, others are swindlers and conartists such that their names are said with scorn. Most know that the rarer the merchandise the more wary they should be of the merchant.

Population distribution: Plenty of small towns dot the countryside, small meaning 500 to 1,000. To the north one would be hard pressed to find any towns greater than one hundred and be hard pressed to find any of these towns at all. There a few nomadic tribes of indigenous north people known simply as "icefolk". Icefolk are humans.

Medium -sized towns of anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 are mostly concentrated in the east and middle of the continent.

Large sized towns of greater than 10,000, (populations between 6-9 usually don't exist long enough to be considered in any grouping) are scattered about the continent and very rare. Big towns are usually considered big targets and places with greater crime and danger. Most towns are usually small groupings of close families or centered around a certain trade; the most popular being farming.

  • pd Rydia (6/1/03 0:45)

Spiffy to the max. I suggest adding a map key to the world map, so one knows what colors represent what (it's slightly self-explanatory, but still...)

  • Talon Starblade (6/1/03 4:32)

Is this a world that's about to be played in?

GameStar7 pointed me in this direction, thinking that Rydia's was gonna be running it (Don't know if he missed the right link, or got the wrong idea, but he was being helpful). So, I thought I'd ask. It does look and sound like an interesting world.

  • Nekogami (6/1/03 13:30)

Yeah this is a new world. Acutally Besyanteo and myself have started the creation of it.

  • Atashi Cloud (6/1/03 16:34)

Well, this is very interesting, and seeing as how it is a new world, I'll just wait to see if I can join...

In the meantime, I'll try and read whever else I haven't read on the site. I could help with creating another continent, but I'm not sure that I should; this is mainly because I'm still new to this stuff(at least, to this version of RP), and I just don't want to intrude where I'm not welcome...

  • Arisa (6/3/03 18:59)

Well, it's been decided. One year on Aowrn is equivalent to 18 of our months. Whee for short posts... >.>;;

  • Besyanteo (6/3/03 19:03)
kicks many things::
  • ahem*

I made the above post, however, Kristen has a nasty habit of leaving herself logged into the board. I didn't realize until I'd posted something seemed strange about it. Then I saw "Arisa" as the most recent post to this thread. God I hate living in the same house with a fellow RPer sometimes.

  • pd Rydia (6/3/03 7:35 pm)

I demand that you write up more about this world and post it, young man and young lady. >:| Now, foo'!

[edit] For some reason, when I look at the small island/continent with the desert in the center, I am reminded of The Mount. Theoretically the Mount could connect to this world, since it's portion on Gaera is just a portal to another plane...

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  • Capntastic (6/3/03 19:38)

I concur with the Dia :D!

  • Besyanteo (6/4/03 10:57 am)

Plenth'Raim: The capital city of Plenthera. Population of 97300+, currently still ruled by the local matriarch, Cher'sauw (share-sow). The building of state here is more complex than those in the lesser cities, being made of polished stone rather than wood. The gray tower, shining in the morning, is perhaps the most impressive architechtural display the Plentharma have to offer (which is why description is still pending...). This is also the city where the movement to have the city run by a council rather than a matriarchy began, propogated originally by dissidents, then picked up by the average citizen, and backed with more logical reasons why such a system might help the people.

Plenth'Ma: Plethera's trade and cultural center, and second largest city on the continent. Population of 65200+. The population is largely male, there is almost always music in the air, and art can be found everywhere. There is a large market place in the center of the city, where anything and everything the Plentharma make can be bought. The city is run by a young woman by the name of Aur'cha (Or-sha).

Plenth'Sa: Small town in the southern part of the continent, srrounded by the tall grass plains, just bordering the forest. Population 3200+. Only of significane because at this point this is the only town in Plenthera which does not hunt the Bahrii'Ka. It is also the only town which knows of the Bahrii'ka's telepathy. Run by Alena'Chaun(Alena-Shan).

Tan'Ma: Larger of the two port cities of Plenthera. Fishing town, of little note aside from being one of the two port cities. Population 17000+, Run by Lerra'Roan.

Tan'Sa: Smaller of the two port cities. The ships of this city are made for whaling (or the equivalent thereof). And actually possesses more divers than Tan'Ma. Population 14000+, Run by Liima'Roan.

Errol: The independant city. This city considers itself to be it's own nation, and though they still trade with the rest of Plenthera, their prices at Plenth'Ma are higher than they would be among their own citizens. They do not believe in the Shen'ai'ka, but instead two deities they have created themselves: The Aur'fa and the Lok'fa, The gods of the sun and the moon, in that order. This city makes up the darker part of the Plentharman culture. Errol is the only larger city which does not have a dresscode for it's citizens, and while most of the smaller cities still manage to follow one, Errol does not. Or, stated more simply, over half the residents are nudists. Marriages are not kept track of, so it is not irregular to see happy 'couples' of five or more people. It is interesting to note, that in their recorded history, there is mention of several fanged, single chested women who could change their form and disappear at will have visited the city at various times. It is regarded as myth, as no one has seen such women since. Population 75600+, run by a woman called Lok'Chuan.

These are -not- the only cities or towns in Plenthera, simply the most noteworthy ones. Questions, comments, crticisms?

edit: populations changed to -hopefully- be more accurate. I'll look over the thread a bit later to see if I don't need to modify the timeline a bit as well.

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  • pd Rydia (6/4/03 7:58 pm)

Those are really, really little cities.

I assume their populations are extremely migratory, so inbreeding is prevented?

[edit] There we go.

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  • Besyanteo (6/4/03 8:20 pm)

ok, the cities were changed accordingly, though Plenth'Sa is still tiny, by comparison to most places. It's supposed to be kind of a boonies town... and I may take that number back down a little later. Whee. >.>;

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  • Besyanteo (6/7/03 15:12)
  • Bump* .... MEW. SAY SOMETHING. :{{
  • Capntastic (6/7/03 15:37)


D I enjoy the amount of thinking and work you are putting into this!
  • Zemyla (6/8/03 16:54)

Small question.

How the heck do you pronounce "Aowrn"?

  • pd Rydia (6/8/03 17:06)

"This is the world of Aowrn(Ow-wern)." -- Nekogami

I imagine like that.

  • Zemyla (6/8/03 17:13)

Oh, right. *slaps forehead*

  • Nekogami (6/9/03 1:18 am)

Dragons of Aowrn The Dragons of Aowrn are not as you might think. They're buggy. Yes, buggy but still terrain based. However there are the Legend Dragons, that is the biggest, oldest, and wisest of the terrain dragons. They've spawned a lot of amazing tales and 'relics' but it's quite doubtful that any merchant you see along the streets is really selling something from one of the Legends.

Aowrn dragons breed rarely and live long, about 500 years. They lay about 3 eggs ever 50 years. Young dragons face many perils from the outside world and usually the dragoness chooses one of the young to protect. The others are either fed to the Chosen One or left to fend for themselves.

Forest: Legend: Hymphlax Forest dragons stand about 40-50 feet tall fully erect. They're green and brown and some are covered in moss like scales. Their front arms are mantis like. They have two mouths and are highly venemous. They construct large nest by creating a webbing around a stand of trees or burrowing under the ground and lining the den with the soft webbing. The webbing sells for a lot, because if you can get past the poison and carnivorous plants that love to live by the dragon's den then get past the dragon itself, you've gotten a wonderful curative item. Dragon webbing is used in many antidotes. They cannot fly for very long but usually they don't need to do any heavy travelling. They have a very aloof temperament and typically don't talk much. When posing as a humanoid, they have large eyes that are a color of green that seems a little to bright to be natural. They have gaunt features in this form.

Swamp: Legend: Uiress Swamp dragons stand about bout 10-20 feet. Excellent underwater or skirting the brackish waters, they'll devour anything from fish to the careless deer. They create underwater dens that are apparent by the black thick mud that is created from their spit. The swamp dragons are very dragon fly-like but with large pincers. They are curious dragons but also have short attention spans. They are most active at night and they enjoy challenges. In humanoid form they have the same large eyes as their cousins the forest dragons but they're eyes are usually and inky black or a murky brown and at night they are reflective. They're body shape is pretty average of humans but they do have small hook like pincers in their mouths. They're pretty obvious if they smile and they can shoot out of the mouth a few inches if they so choose.

[edit] Added info for humanoid transformations.

I need to draw these guys so I'll stop here.

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  • pd Rydia (6/9/03 1:22)

o_o Wow. Spiffy designs. Look forward to seeing them.

  • Capntastic (6/9/03 1:40)

Totally spiffy :D

  • pd Rydia (11/15/03 21:42)

Do something with this.


  • Besyanteo (11/17/03 13:35)

We SHOULD do something with this. =(

I will edit with some tidbit about Plenthera later.

  • pd Rydia (1/27/05 18:28)


  • Besyanteo (1/27/05 18:31)

... but I should still do something with this. Is Manda stull playing with our little toy? :o