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Tia Purvis


(rp world)
Tia Purvis
(Gaera Main)
Not Appicable
Shadow City, Riva
current residence Doma City
occupation Assistant at La Estrella Nueva
family Enlil Purvis (Mother), Janda Purvis (Sister)
race Celestial construct
physical description 3'10", platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. Large, gray wings. Childish build
typical clothing Robes of varying colors.
personality Due to her origins and past, Tia is horribly shy. It takes all she's got to talk to someone she's never met before, and even then, the conversation will be very brief and quiet. Despite how strong she is in many ways, she's afraid of just about everything, expecially people. She's an admitted sociophobe, and would much rather sit at home and read a book than go outside to interact. However, she was given a job at La Estrella Nueva when she wanted to purches her mother a gift, but couldn't afford it. Her time there has helped a great deal in adjusting her to true society.



Tia Purvis is not like most children. She wasn't born proper- She was created, by a group of scientists and mages, the Council of Knowledge. Run by Charles DuGalle, the Council's supposed aim was to collect information on the magical and historic locations and relics around Igala. While this was their goal originally, it moved onto a different plan, once a certain relic had been located.

One of the council's more prominant members, Samuel Delacroix, had located an ancient artifact, commonly known as the Chaos Relic. The relic was a battery of chaotic energies- And the same object that turned Tareen from a human girl to her current form. Upon finding it (And Tareen), the counci's mission had changed- They would use the relic to power an army of golems to march on Doma, and eventually, all of Igala.

However, before returning, something else struck Delacroix's interest- Janda Purvis, the first actual Celestial the man had ever seen. He put a plan of his own into motion, marking her (Under the guise of giving her an astral plague- One which her good friend James had to cure her of, destroying her memories in the process). In the process, he also managed to kidnap Kris Akina, and Tareen.

Several months later, Delacroix returned to retrieve his target. Although she was eventually saved through the efforts of multiple people, the intended damage was done. Nobody knew it at the time, but the seeds for the council's super weapon had already been sewn.

Not long after Delacroix's arrest, three new figures came onto the scene- The first was Sin, the fallen angel. Sin appeared in public places, though always covered head to toe in bedsheets. She located Enlil and Shada one night, and filled them in on the horrific plan- She had been created using the information taken from Janda, and warped to meet the council's needs. She warned them of another two constructs- The violent Kasta, cloned from Kris, and the shapeshifting and horrifically cruel Melchior- Born from the data taken from Tareen. Not only that, but an army of such were being made. It was decided then and there something had to be done.

Not long after, it was. Heading to Riva, a small group of adventurers (Including Enlil, Will Baseton, Spob and Neb Neuva, and Jeridan Arrowfist located a hidden town, Shadow City. Within the city, they found numerous Council members- most of which were involved in the upbringing of a large number of mostly non-sentient clones (With a few notable exceptions- Schroedinger being among those with sentience). It seemed that production was already under way- And the factory needed to be destroyed.

Heading below ground, they saw how it all worked- The Relic was attuned to a number of magically sensative containers called Channels. From there, a bit of raw material was added, and a clone was eventually formed. They found that there were multiple types- The Protos, whom they had already met- Sin, Kasta, and Melchior being the only ones of that series. Next was the Alphas, the main group.

Finally, there was the Omegas. They, like the Protos, would be singular- Meant to lead their specific type (Sin Omega would lead the Sin force, Kasta Omega would lead the Kasta force, and so on.) However, in order to do that, the Omegas needed a bit more intelligence than the rest. This became clear when the Sin Omega production channel was found.

Within the channel, the group saw a young girl with raven black hair and pale skin. She wore heavy looking black armor, and had a pair of large, black wings. Along with the normal data for what magics to attune the clone to, she was infused with tremendous amounts of dark magics. However, she was awoken by the group, and thought that her 'mother' had come to visit. She thought she was Janda.

Despite numerous warnings about the instability of the channel, the power of the clone, and the setup of the Channel system, Enlil freed the Omega. Alarms began to sound, and everyone else began to scramble to safety- While Enlil escaped with the Omega into the plane of dreams. Taking her to stay with Kyle and Fresca, Enlil decided that she would take this one in, too, and attempt to break it of it's programming. On the way back, she decided on it's new name- Tia.