Tyia Anarch

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Matriarch of her family, former Priestess of Nakibe. Late 50's. Long grey hair and blue eyes. Wears typical dress for an ordinary homemaker most of the time. The only exceptions to this are her walking staff, blessed by the Chaos God and necklace bearing symbol of Nakibe.

In her younger days, Tyia was quite the accomplished Priestess. As she travelled, she made sure that chaos was present in the lives she came across. Sometimes, she would help fight off a necromancer laying waste to a small village near complete destruction. Hard for anythings to happen if no one is left around to do them. Other times, she would thin out the defenses of other small villages, who proved too confident in their defense against the unknown. After all, what fun is life unless the unexpected occurs?

In her travels, she met another follower of Nakibe, Narof. The two fell deeply in love, and travelled together for many years. When the pair were ready to settle down and start a family, they found themselves unable to bear any children. The pair prayed to Nakibe, asking for his assitance in starting a family. The God granted their request, but at a heavy price. After having their first child, Tyia lost control of her sanity, often spouting off on random tangents and performing odd tasks for no reason. Occasionally she will have periods of lucidity, but they are rare and often brief. During these times, she claims she does not regret her descision, and is simply grateful for the gift of her two children. Other times, she could be either doing cartwheels in the woods or singing random Dwarven drinking songs.