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Therney is an entirely self-sufficient and isolated country at the southern end of Igala. The class gap between the rich and poor members of society is fairly wide, but the working class are perfectly happy to stay working -- the higher you climb on the ladder, the more dangerous your life becomes. The nobles of the land are constantly involved in power struggles for the throne, and as such past rulers frequently lasted about five months before being offed. The current bloodline is an example of the fruits such a society has produced.

The king and queen are Michael Oscar Corde del Thern and Anne Eries Seraphina del Thern. The crown prince and heir is Brandon Edward Daryl del Thern, and the princess is Alissa Reine Drusilla del Thern."


Roughly seven hundred years ago, the far south of Igala was no more than a collection of assorted towns and cities with little communication between them. These small collectives were prey to the many thieves and wild animals also living there. The people lived in fear and could do little to provide for themselves.

This changed when one man, Cadeyrn Thernson, started organizing raids of the bandits and hunting parties to kill the beasts. His efforts, however, proved successful beyond what he had thought. Not only did he destroy threats to their livelihoods, he managed to unite the area and win the hearts of a people who had only known work. Cadeyrn became Therney's first king.

The next king proved much less popular. After Cadeyrn's son Gwr was killed by a bizzare disease, the throne fell to a man who had seen much of the world. This man soon proposed lavish life for the recently made nobles and heavy taxes for the poor, as opposed to the simple government Cadeyrn had established. He was assasinated after fifteen years and replaced with another king. Who was replaced with another. Who was replaced with another.

Nobles soon became more competitive to fight for the throne, and more ruthless to keep it. The commoners and their rights were ignored.

The current bloodline, with the longest reign in centuries, started with the current king's grandfather. Saich del Thern was born lower class and longed to free Therney from the chains that had held it so long. His dream were never fufilled. After his assasination, his son Derrik went berserk and slaughtered three men on the spot. He never fully recovered. His son, Michael, was drilled into believing that the blood must be preserved at any cost.

Michael married Anne, a countess, when he was fifteen. The same year his first son was born. It remains to be seen what will happen to the monarchy.

-- Kotoki