The Seven Plagues (Mercenary Group)

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The Seven Plagues are a mercenary group that specialize in covert missions, particularly those involving assassination, and were apparently used several times by the Infinity Corporation prior to their initial appearance in Gaera Main. They are the primary antagonists of The Seven Plagues RP.


First appearance
Ninurta is the gunman of the group. He was first seen moaning about the incompetence of his comrades to an unaware Gregory Campbell, Jr, dropping several hints as to his group's presence and intent before departing for 'business purposes'. He later appears and battles Kelne in tandem with the Male/Female "Lunatic" Mercenary, but fails to dispose of the former tyrant. He was more recently seen meeting Greg once again, now revealing his true identity, and attempting to convince him to abandon his plans involving Jikuro before he is killed. Shamash intervenes, however, and Ninurta was taken out of the scene altogether. He has yet to appear again.

Abilities: As stated, Ninurta is the gunman of the ability, and has been seen skillfully handling both a sniper rifle and a machine gun.


First apparent appearance
Shamash is the "ninja" of the group and the first of the Seven Plagues to pose a major threat to the characters. Shamash first appeared as a (disguised) observer of Greg, suspicious of his interactions with Ninurta. She led him on a brief chase and attempted to lose him in a crowd that had gathered around a recent victim of murder (see The Seven Plagues). He still managed to locate her, however, and triggered a spell to reveal her location.

However, this ploy failed; a blinding spell is triggered, instead, and she escaped in the chaos that ensued. Kumo, however, was also in the same crowd, and having taken notice of her unusual behavior, gave chase. Shamash eventually shed her disguise in light of this, confronted Kumo, and threatened him, sparing him only due to the 'rules of the group'. Shortly thereafter, Greg is attacked by Shamash, in a sense; instead of being directly assaulted, he is forced to battle a shadow double of his, created by the assassin. Despite having received some injuries, Greg managed to foil this attempt and made his way back to his employer of sorts, Jikuro, who was also being assaulted by a shadow double. This attempt was also foiled, and Shamash took off.

She was not seen again until she met Greg in his nightmare, having apparently been placed in the position of asking him to give up his mission with Jikuro and instead either relent or 'join' the Seven Plagues. He refused, and she seemed to actually be pleased by way of this response, promising a rather painful death for him in the future.

Her most recent appearance involved her rather rudely interrupting an ongoing dialogue between Ninurta and Greg. Despite Greg's attempt to escape into a 'Shadow Gaera' by use of one of Shamash's spells, the ninja followed he and Jikuro to this point, and forced them to either face off against her or die at the spot. Greg relented to this offer, and put up a decent fight; however, he failed in this, and was killed. Moments before his demise, Assassin mysteriously appeared with Jikuro; the presence of Assassin drove off Shamash for reasons unknown.

Abilities: A stereotypical 'ninja', she can use blinding speed and oversized throwing stars to her advantage. She also bears a staff which can not only shift into a sharpened spear, but also explode. She wields a variety of spells that can either blind an enemy or utilize the power of the shadows; one such spell actually creates an explicit double of an enemy, often copying their spells or abilities in the process.

Male "Lunatic" Mercenary

First appearance
The muscle of the group. The Male "Lunatic" Mercenary first came upon Kelne in the Doma Forest and attempted to attack him in tandem with Ninurta. Kelne managed to greviously injure and decapitate him - to no avail, ultimately, as the "Lunatic" simply pressed on in his attempt at an attack. He was last seen commanding what was apparently an Astrynax plucked up from the year 1310 to attack Kelne - the refusal of this order caused him to throw them both into a portal leading to a mysterious new world.

He was seen again confronting Jikuro and Assassin in Doma City as they fled from the battle between Kyle and Erra. He currently bears a red scar on his neck - a spot where Kelne had previously decapitated him.

Abilities: Exceedingly strong, and skilled with an axe. Appears to be able to survive and endure any injury, up to and including decapitation. Also appears to be able to phase in and out with another character entirely - the Female "Lunatic" Mercenary.

Female "Lunatic" Mercenary

First appearance
'Unstable', like her male counterpart, though it is unknown whether this is the same character shifting from one distinct form to another, or two entirely different different characters appearing in place of each other. The Female "Lunatic" Mercenary briefly shifted in place of her male counterpart, appearing to construct a barrier and little else. Has yet to appear again.

Abilities: Can seemingly construct magical barriers. Can also phase in and out with the Male "Lunatic" Mercenary.

Mysterious Man

First appearance
Appeared briefly to Greg during a dream sequence. The Mysterious Man seemed to offer Greg a chance to work with 'his group'. What could his role be?


First appearance
The being known as Aruru arrived and attacked the airship carrying Justin, Stephen, several Minions, and several Anti-Minions under the cover of a squirrel assault. She appeared first as a dragon wrapped in bandages, spewing acid blood, but the attempts at attack by way of Stephen, #32, and the others prompted the being to change forms into a smaller figure, one that used a blade with deadly efficiency.

However, the sheer mass of numbers and the pressed attack of Stephen and 32 seemed to defeat her, and she was last seen being pitched over the side of the airship. She spoke to Stephen with several bitter words during the latter half of the battle for reasons unknown, and both the appearance of her dragon form and her blade seemed to briefly stun the dragonoid. The importance of all of this is unknown.

Abilities: Can shift in to and out from a dragon form. Can wield a blade with stunning ability.


First appearance
Erra is the apparent serial killer that has been plaguing Doma during the earlier scenes of the Seven Plagues RP. He apparently targets psychics specifically for whatever reason, though he has also, apparently, killed a few guards in the process. His first formal moves appeared to draw Greg away from Doma with a series of doubles. Four led him away while one returned to Doma. This last double was apparently the real deal, and it closed in on a rooftop where Kyle Broadsky, End Reshiki, Jikuro, and Assassin had gathered. It proceeded to launch an assault on End, targeting him as the lone psychic, and shattering his armor. This attack seemed to have an immediate and crippling effect on the Moogle, and Erra reminded End that he had a spiritual bond to this item; hence, the swift shattering of the armor could be considered an assault on the Moogle's spirit.

Kyle came to End's defense, and managed to fight off Erra despite his attempts at psychic assault. It was during this time that Jikuro and Assassin made a run for it, leaving Kylitos and End alone. However, Erra, despite having received a critical amount of injury, continued its assault, and forced End to transform into dragon form and flee, with Kyle on his back. The two fled into the forest, where Erra met them again with yet another attack. End had formulated a plan to defeat and drive off the killer with his lance, and Kyle managed to impale Erra with such; however, Erra reminded the two that the lance was also connected to End spiritually, and shattered it as well.

This brutal attack caused End to crash into a shivering heap, with Kyle coming to the ground with a painful thud not long after. However, before Erra could finally finish his task, he was interrupted by what appeared to be Astrynax of all characters, who argued that he reserved the right to kill End.

Abilities: Seems to wield a truly fearsome control over psionics; can assault someone with enough psychic force to not only deal intense physical pain, but also cause their flesh to physically tear and boil on contact. He can apparently produce a series of doubles of himself, though whether these doubles are actual physical beings or mere images is unknown. He appears to also be capable of telekinesis and flight, and has been seen to withstand a ridiculous amount of injury (up to and including a number of impalements) and still remain standing.

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