Tarrasque vs. Gaera

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The purpose of this page is to keep track of the hit points, magic points, buffs, and other status-related aspects of characters involved in the Gaera vs. Tarrasque board "RP."

When your character casts a spell, takes damage, whatever, please update his or her status on this Wiki page. The order of characters on this page is, conveniently, also the initiative order! If you would, please indicate in LARGE CAPITAL LETTERS directly under the heading for a character if it is their turn because you have taken yours, and sign the note with your name by entering four tildes. So it should look like this:

Sample Heading

IT'S THIS PLAYER'S TURN! Archmage 20:12, 11 April 2007 (PDT)

This allows me to keep track of when the player's "turn start" occurred. If you don't move within 24 hours, your turn will get skipped, so pay attention!


  • HP: 155/155
  • MP: 0/0
  • TP: 71/76
  • -4 to PA until next turn.
  • Iron Knuckles equipped; Lethal punch damage, +4 damage.
  • Jeridan is under the effects of Seryntas's War Cry, and gains a lesser version of Battle Fury. He gains +1 to Cou, +1 to Sta, and +2/-2 to AT/PA (including the change to Cou, net AT/PA change is +3/-1). He cannot take any action that does not approach or attack the Tarrasque. It will last for 7 rounds.


  • HP: 137/137
  • MP: 128/128
  • TP: 66/66
  • Antipode spell held within his melee weapon. It will discharge upon successful hit.


  • HP: 116/116
  • MP: 0/0
  • TP: 46/60
  • Kilisha is sharpshooting, granting +14 to her damage rolls with a bow for the next 7 rounds.
  • Kilisha is under the effects of Seryntas' Warcry.

(note: I have increased Kilisha's HP and TP because I forgot to when I leveled her up. Her stamina didn't increase from Level 1, so the new numbers are the correct ones.)Seethe 17:46, 19 April 2007 (PDT)



  • HP: -213/139
  • MP: 0/0
  • TP: 60/74
  • Seryntas's mangled corpse is being digested. Theoretically, the Tarrasque will at some point have a bowel movement consisting of mostly the twisted, masticated remains of a suit of mythril plate armor.
  • One more ally can choose to accept the effects of War Cry, gaining a lesser version of Battle Fury. They would gain +1 to Cou, +1 to Sta, and +2/-2 to AT/PA (including the change to Cou, net AT/PA change is +3/-1). They cannot take any action that does not approach or attack the Tarrasque. It will last for a number of rounds equal to their new Sta.


IT'S THIS PLAYER'S TURN! Seethe 01:22, 29 April 2007 (PDT)

  • HP: 110/110
  • MP: 99/99
  • TP: 53/53
  • Jade is a motherfucking dragon at the moment.


  • HP: 81/81
  • MP: 193/203
  • TP: 63/63


  • HP: 103/103
  • MP: 119/139
  • TP: 44/48
  • A White Shield effect has granted the party +15 AC and Magic AC for the next 6 rounds.


  • HP: 114/138
  • MP: 122/132
  • TP: 49/74
  • Taiar has summoned The Dragon's Bane and is armed.
  • Taiar has consumed emotion three times, giving him +3 to STR.
  • Taiar is under the effect of sharpen and has +12 Attack for 11 More Rounds.
  • AT/PA and Damages as a result of all Emotional Consumptions and Effects are as follows:
    • 25/25
    • Light - 76+2d6
    • Medium - 88+3d6
    • Heavy - 100+4d6


  • HP: 121/121
  • MP: 142/142
  • TP: 43/66
  • Kamos is in chimera form, and flying higher and higher.


  • HP: 74/107
  • MP: 0/141
  • TP: 18/38
  • Solis has +18 to his MAtk rolls for the next 5 rounds.