Ship Porte

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Ship belongs to the race of demon known as angelus. The angelus are corruption of angels in that they work for the glory of the Underrealm and can feed off pain and chaos. He is the son of Barge Porte, the once-general to Master Demon Testicles. However, Ship was a not a legitimate child and Barge, fearing the wrath of his wife, dumped him in Doma. Ship was picked up later by the drow priest, Amana, who suffered a curse of random sex changing. Ship loved Amana greatly and didn't mind the drow's business.

Ship is best friends with Kodi Rae Tymisonn. Being around the human boy has made him grow increasingly cynical but his love and loyalty to the human is undeniable. His favorite pastime is looking down his pants and talking to wee-wee. Demons are prone to addictions and Ship has developed quite the taste for wine.