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IM History for shadowgaera

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
7:02 PM
Deus Fio:(So, Cha, this is your show, start us off.)
PapatymisonN:In a sec. Trying to curry a bit more support.
PapatymisonN:... there we go.
Syra Zemyla:(There we are. I've found my post with all of the Shadow Gaera versions of my characters.)
PapatymisonN:(OK, then.)
PapatymisonN:(Rolling, let's get.)
PapatymisonN:(I just need to think of what character will get Shadowfied tonight.)
PapatymisonN:(Got it.)
PapatymisonN:(Will multichar with Selendrile.)
PapatymisonN:<The Black Horn, Doma City, 1317>
PapatymisonN:*it's a cold Gaerara evening, air being still and foreboding...*
PapatymisonN:*The Black Horn's warm, but only because of the wealthy men upstairs who want the heat to permeate to them above...*
PapatymisonN:*in it sits a man in black, pale skin, raven hair matching his hardened clothing, as he sits and drinks what must be red wine...*
PapatymisonN:*it seems he's... waiting for someone.*
Deus Fio:(Is he waiting for someone I know?)
PapatymisonN:(Sure, why not.)
Deus Fio:*A hooded figure slides into the booth opposite Selendrile. Despite his heavy, dark green cloak, he is recognizably thin and graceful in his movements.*
PapatymisonN:You have no idea of the concept of promptness, do you?
Syra Zemyla:*After that, another person goes toward the table. She has black hair and golden brown eyes, and wears leather armor and has several daggers on her belt.*
Syra Zemyla:So, it seems we are all here.
Deus Fio:*Adjusting the hood on his head to make sure it still hides his pointed ears, Vleian Sunstrider glowers at Selendrile for a moment before answering.*
Deus Fio:You know how much I hate coming here.
Syra Zemyla:(Fucking GAIM. I hate how it loses my colors.)
Deus Fio:>_> Perhaps so.
PapatymisonN:... no.
PapatymisonN:But he'll be along shortly.
PapatymisonN:How's everyone doing
Deus Fio:*Vleian looks at Selendrile curiously, but knows better than to try and read his face.*
PapatymisonN:*which is why Selendrile likes smirking so much*
Deus Fio:I'm...well.
Besyanteo:*And into the tavern walks...*
Besyanteo:*A tall garoujin, about six foot four, with a long ebony horn on his forehead. His fur is navy blue, and his eyes are emerald green. He's wearing plain white pants and vest*
Besyanteo:*He sits at Selenedril's table casually.*
PapatymisonN:*calmly chuckles to himself*
PapatymisonN:Jeridan. Nice to see you.
Besyanteo:*he simply nods*
PapatymisonN:He'll be helpful.
PapatymisonN:Not sure about talkative.
PapatymisonN:But definitely helpful.
Deus Fio:You are bold to walk out like this.
Deus Fio:...and I don't mean in this weather.
Syra Zemyla:No bolder than the rest of us.
Deus Fio:(Zem, what's your character's apparent race?)
Syra Zemyla:(Human. This is Sable; she never got turned into a raccoon. :D)
Deus Fio:Speak for yourself.
PapatymisonN:(Read the descrop, Evelyn Wood. *snap*)
Besyanteo:*looks back to Selendrille*
PapatymisonN:Something wrong, Jeridan?
Besyanteo:No. ... You called. *raises a brow*
PapatymisonN:To meet the group, and possibly discuss a plan or two.
PapatymisonN:There are more, but... for obvious reasons, can't let you meet them JUST yet.
Deus Fio:(Yeah, but...well, a nonhuman resistance fighter would probably be a nonhuman.)
PapatymisonN:Introduce yourselves, guys.
Besyanteo:You know my name, and my face. That is enough. <_< *looking at those other two appraisingly*
Deus Fio:I am Vleian Sunstrider.
Deus Fio:I am...important to the organization. As is my pale colleague.
Syra Zemyla:I am Sable. I am doing this for... the right reasons.
PapatymisonN:(I wonder if she's still married to Marc Mero... :P)
Deus Fio:Yes, I would like to discuss those very reasons. Why have you chosen to cast your lot with us?
PapatymisonN:... do we really need to question an extra set of hands?
Syra Zemyla:Because my colleagues and I prefer a more... open... market. Thus, we are opposed to anything that works to close it up. This makes us allies by circumstance at least.
PapatymisonN:(OK, pausing.)
PapatymisonN:(On another note: I want to read Seduction of the Innocent.)
PapatymisonN:(AKA the 50s era book written by a McCarthyian condemning comic books.)
PapatymisonN:(Welcome back.)
Deus Fio:(Hey, Bes.)
PapatymisonN:(Last thing you saw?)
Besyanteo:(Nothing since "for the right reasons")
Syra Zemyla:(You missed my last post, then.)
PapatymisonN:(Updated. Shall we continue?)
Besyanteo:(Ready. ... Question)
Besyanteo:(That question also directed at Jeridan?)
Deus Fio:(Nope.)
Deus Fio:Very well. It tends, however, to be the policy of our organization should I put it, Selendrile?
PapatymisonN:Any way you like.
Deus Fio:(He doesn't really want to say "keep humans out of the inner sanctum")
PapatymisonN:(Selendrile doesn't care.)
Deus Fio:*sighs*
Deus Fio:We've had trouble before. Spies within the organization.
Syra Zemyla:We've had that problem before in the organization I represent.
Besyanteo:*his smiles can be felt more than seen on his lipless face*
PapatymisonN:Which is why I'm ready to snap any and all of your necks at the drop of a hat.
PapatymisonN:Now, we should get to business, yes?
Deus Fio:Then you can understand why I cannot place the same trust in you as I would in, perhaps, Jeridan?
Besyanteo:*he laughs, openly*
PapatymisonN:... I like him already.
Besyanteo:*but soon quiets*
Syra Zemyla:I understand completely.
Syra Zemyla:Also, any missions I do for you, or help I provide, may just be an inducement to for you to trust me further until I betray you. Am I correct?
PapatymisonN:... *smile*
Deus Fio:*a smirk appears below the hood*
PapatymisonN:I really do like each and every one of you.
Deus Fio:You have danced this dance before.
Besyanteo:*he leans abck and sets feet on the table, looking at the ceiling. Is he payying attention?*
Syra Zemyla:I have. But might not a gullible non-human be induced to betray you as well, perhaps for the promise of being more accepted among humans?
PapatymisonN:Gods I hope not.
Besyanteo:Now now, Selendrile.
Deus Fio:They're a fool if they think that will happen.
Besyanteo:There is no accounting for stupidity.
PapatymisonN:You have a point.
Deus Fio:But we have had non-humans betray us for other reasons.
PapatymisonN:... business.
PapatymisonN:*tosses a scroll on the table*
Deus Fio:Felons reducing their sentences...blackmailing cases...and that's assuming they're even proper nonhumans to begin with.
Besyanteo:*ok, now he does look down*
PapatymisonN:Ah, good. Got your attention.
Besyanteo:Don't make me wait all day, or you'll lose it for good.
Syra Zemyla:*Sable also looks at the scroll.*U
PapatymisonN:*unrolls it*
PapatymisonN:That, my friends...
PapatymisonN:Is a blueprint of the castle.
Besyanteo:As I said before,
Besyanteo:there is no accounting for stupidity. *there's an edge in his voice*
PapatymisonN:... *sigh*
Syra Zemyla:*Now Sable is looking around to see if anyone is spying on them.*
PapatymisonN:I'll add 50% to what I quoted you.
PapatymisonN:*rerolls it*
Besyanteo:*he smirks* You really think I give a damn about the money, don't you?
PapatymisonN:You don't?
Besyanteo:... Well maybe I do. But tell me what you're going to do...
PapatymisonN:We're going to have coffee with an old friend of mine.
Besyanteo:to make this interesting, instead of a fool's romp before meeting an early death.
Besyanteo:(reverse. =P)
Besyanteo:(lag. Connetion. Hate.)
PapatymisonN:(I feel ya buddy.)
Besyanteo:*seems to be waiting for more*
PapatymisonN:Well, this mission is the first step to... well...
Deus Fio:They deserve more than your doubletalk, Selendrile 9_9
PapatymisonN:*w* Deposing Franklyn for good.
Besyanteo:*he puts his feet back on the floor and sits up*
PapatymisonN:*smirks* I have your attention, I see.
Besyanteo:We'll say that I am interested.
Deus Fio:We have the name of the operation picked out and everything. *chuckles*
PapatymisonN:Good enough.
Syra Zemyla:Because of course that's the most important part.
PapatymisonN:*regaining control of the conversation...*
Besyanteo:(That's debatable. =P)
Besyanteo:(but continue!)
PapatymisonN:In... *checks a clock* 34 minutes, we need to be inside the Doman castle's courtyard, three floors up.
PapatymisonN:Cuz THAT'S when our contact will open his window.
PapatymisonN:I hope to pull him through 5 seconds later, and spirit him back within an hour.
PapatymisonN:We'll get all the info we can about... well, we'll go over that when he's here.
PapatymisonN:Everyone's in?
Besyanteo:*he nods*
Deus Fio:Of course.
PapatymisonN:*looks to Sable* ...
Syra Zemyla:I'm in.
Besyanteo:Are you sure?
PapatymisonN:Good! ^_^
Besyanteo:You feel like you might want to run home to your mother.
Deus Fio:*quirks an eyebrow*
Besyanteo:*he just bears his teeth in a creepy sort of grin those damn wolf and dog people use*
Besyanteo:*and he's watching Sable, of course, so he doesn't pay the eyebrow any mind*
Syra Zemyla:I'm very sure. I'm no stranger to this kind of work.
PapatymisonN:Good. There's some rope and a hook attached to the bottom of the table in front of you. *removes his, dangles it a bit, and puts it in his coat*
PapatymisonN:Let's go.
Besyanteo:*He stands... and as he does,*
Besyanteo:*he seems to become a rather plain looking man of 25-28.*
Besyanteo:*and he heads for the door*
PapatymisonN:*grabs his, walks next to him* Nice trick...
Deus Fio:*there isn't one for Vleian*
Besyanteo:*he just smirks*
Syra Zemyla:*also stands* Are we going to take different routes to our destination?
Syra Zemyla:*She had taken the rope and hook before she stood*
PapatymisonN:... it's an idea.
Deus Fio:I always take a different route.
Besyanteo:Oh? Well then.
PapatymisonN:But, for security, the rest of us had better hang together.
PapatymisonN:Vleian's earned my trust so far.
PapatymisonN:*pushes open the door* Shall we?
Syra Zemyla:True.
Deus Fio:"So far," he says.
PapatymisonN:He does. *eyes Vleian playfully, yet ... correctly*
PapatymisonN:Time to go, children. *exits*
Deus Fio:*follows as well*
Syra Zemyla:*also follows!*
PapatymisonN:(... the leader, the big freak, the skinny guy, and the girl.)
PapatymisonN:(DAMN we make a good party. ^_^)
Deus Fio:*speaks quietly with Selendrile* You're impressed with them, I can tell.'
PapatymisonN:*w* They'll do.
Besyanteo:*... He sings! He's markedly off key, but it's a jaunty tune.*
Deus Fio:*w* I find myself trusting the human more than...our musical brother.
PapatymisonN:Don't worry about it.
Besyanteo:t2both: I have my reasons for aiding you. Now stop whispering.
PapatymisonN:The thing about resistance is...
Besyanteo:T:makes you stand out. ^_^
Deus Fio:>_>
PapatymisonN:*thinks loudly* Thanks for the tip.
PapatymisonN:(that was a thought.)
Besyanteo:*still singing!*
Deus Fio:*w* I'll make a pass to confirm we're not being observed, then continue to the castle.
PapatymisonN:(pause. Laundry calls)
Besyanteo:(snack get!)
Syra Zemyla:(Back as well.)
Deus Fio:*w* You've seen my owl, haven't you? You'll know what I look like, then.
PapatymisonN:*w* Get going before Jeridan gets annoyed with the whispering again.
Besyanteo:*he finishes the song with racous laughter*
PapatymisonN:IM: Freak. ^_^
Besyanteo:(.... crap. brb)
Deus Fio:*w* I'll want this cloak back, Sel.
PapatymisonN:(I love being able to manipulate the font.)
Deus Fio:*removes it and hands it over, adjusting his long dirty-blond hair as he does so*
Deus Fio:*He ducks into an alleyway and is gone.*
PapatymisonN:*in the meantime, leans against a building, next to Jeridan*
Deus Fio:*Anyone with superhuman night vision can see a spotted owl gliding out of the alleyway.*
PapatymisonN:... so, you eat sentient beasts, right Jeridan?
Besyanteo:*he looks to Selendrille slowly, his face deadpan*
Besyanteo:*and then grins slowly* After a fashion.
PapatymisonN:Don't worry. Done that myself.
Syra Zemyla:Wouldn't mind a couple myself.
Deus Fio:*The owl circles overhead a few times before alighting on a signpost.*
PapatymisonN:... reassuring the good guys eat people.
Besyanteo:*face falls*
Deus Fio:Hooot hooot........hooot*.
Besyanteo:"Good guys"?
Deus Fio:(*"All clear.")
Besyanteo:Pft. Please. >.>
Besyanteo:(This is quickly turning into "Grendel's Revenge" =P)
Besyanteo:(Not to be taken as a complaint)
Syra Zemyla:(Also, Sable was totally kidding. :D)
Deus Fio:*The owl looks at Selendrile expectantly. Not the way an owl is supposed to look, but Vleian isn't doing a particularly good job of acting animalistic today.*
Besyanteo:(I knew =P)
Deus Fio:Hooot hooot........hooot.
PapatymisonN:*sighs, stage whisper* Then get down here.
PapatymisonN:*sw* You're just as good to me with legs and arms.
Deus Fio:Hooooot.
Besyanteo:*leans against the wall, making a pillow of his hands*
Deus Fio:*Vleian Sunstrider is now sitting in the tree.*
Besyanteo:I'm glad we're so profesional and discreet. ^_^
PapatymisonN:*heads for the wall* Laugh it up.
Deus Fio:*he descends with elven grace*
Besyanteo:*follows Sel!*
PapatymisonN:*when he reaches its face, he tosses the grapple up and over the wall with one smooth throw*
Deus Fio:One of those bastard guards shot me with a crossbow.
Deus Fio:Took a tail feather. Who shoots an owl, anyway?
PapatymisonN:*and, just as smoothly, yanks himself up by one arm, and over the wall*
PapatymisonN:IM: Bastards, that's who.
PapatymisonN:*taking his grapple with him*
Besyanteo:They're dirty humies with crossbows.
Besyanteo:Which of them doesn't do that?
Syra Zemyla:*ahem*
Deus Fio:We're clear to where we're going, anyway.
PapatymisonN:*waiting on the other side*
Besyanteo:*follows Sel some more!*
Syra Zemyla:*Sable climbs up the wall, without using a grapple. She's just that good. :D And she's done this many times before.*
PapatymisonN:*once everyone's there, he points to the window in question, and waves them to the place beneath it...*
Deus Fio:*becomes a flying squirrel*
Deus Fio:*joins them*
PapatymisonN:*and with that, heads to the window...*
Besyanteo:*follow some more!*
Syra Zemyla:*sneaks after them*
Syra Zemyla:*w* Wait. Hold still.
PapatymisonN:*w* Keep watch down here.
Besyanteo:*looks right at Sable,*
Besyanteo:*and wiggles!*
Besyanteo:(.. son of a... brb. Again.)
PapatymisonN:*smirks, and begins to scale the wall*
Syra Zemyla:*Sable seems to be muttering something. As the party waits, they can see each other slowly becoming invisible.*
Deus Fio:*scrambles up the wall and stares down at them expectantly*
Deus Fio:(Yo, Futureman.)
Besyanteo:(Lurking or playing Kelne? :o)
PapatymisonN:(He's lurking, the bastard. :P)
Syra Zemyla:*She then mutters something else, and the members of the party can see each oher again.* There. *She then climbs the wall.*
Besyanteo:... ah, invisibility. Very good.
Besyanteo:Well then.
PapatymisonN:*just as Selendrile reaches the top, the window opens, and he enters*
Besyanteo:*... and he flies after Sel*
Besyanteo:*yes, flies. No wings, he jsut does.*
PapatymisonN:*they enter to see a hunched over fellow, shiftily... no, WARILY looking from left to right, like something's going to pop out and eat him*
Besyanteo:*hey, it's tempted*
Besyanteo:*instead, being invisible,*
Besyanteo:*he walks behind the guy, and looks to Sel curiously*
Besyanteo:T: Your friend?
PapatymisonN:You're sure you can trust them, Sel? *he's got dark skin like the royalty, and a thin pencil moustache.*
PapatymisonN:*he appears to be in his pyjamas*
PapatymisonN:Folks, meet the duke.
PapatymisonN:Sean, these are people you shouldn't care about.
Besyanteo:... *pokes him. On the shoulder*
Besyanteo:Duke, huh?
PapatymisonN:... don't do that. o.o;
PapatymisonN:Ready to go?
PapatymisonN:*he nods*
PapatymisonN:Good. *picks him up by his waist*
PapatymisonN:*is the guy... smiling?*
PapatymisonN:Let's go. *jumps out the window*
Deus Fio:*Vleian-squirrel peers at them from the windowsill, sniffs the air, and nods.*
Besyanteo:... *for once, his amused look fades*
Besyanteo:IM: ... wut.
PapatymisonN:*lands calmly*
Besyanteo:*he follows though*
Deus Fio:*Squirrel-Vleian does the flying squirrel thing*
Deus Fio:*Well, glides.*
Besyanteo:*floats down vertically, landing lightly on his feet*
PapatymisonN:*heads to the wall, and throws the grapple up*
PapatymisonN:Climb, Seany.
PapatymisonN:*he nods worriedly, and begins to climb, slowly but surely*
Syra Zemyla:*Sable scrambles down and up the walls like she was born on them*
Deus Fio:*Vleian scrambles faster, because he's a squirrel.*
PapatymisonN:*once Seany's over, the grapples thrown back to Selendrile, and in a moment...*
Besyanteo:*you kids and your fear of gravity*
PapatymisonN:*he's back over*
Syra Zemyla:(brb.)
Besyanteo:(So, wait. Did we just break into the castle, take a guy out, and then put him back in?)
Syra Zemyla:(Well, maybe. Depends on how much Internet I have on the way home.)
Deus Fio:(No, no, no.))
Deus Fio:(You forget, there are two walls.)
Deus Fio:(We took him down the wall of the castle proper, then up the wall around the castle.)
Besyanteo:(Kay then!)
PapatymisonN:(Double you be.)
Besyanteo:(RP then? >_> )
Deus Fio:(Actually, my turn to not be here for a few minutes.)
PapatymisonN:(Aagh. Kay. Just go.)
Besyanteo:(Jer: *reclines on the air* Getting booooored.... Seany doesn't want to see me bored. Nope.)
Deus Fio:(I'm back.)
Besyanteo:(We ready?)
PapatymisonN:So, Seany. Coffee.
Besyanteo:Hey. Sable.
Syra Zemyla:(Not yet. I may lose my connection once more.)
Besyanteo:How long does your little spell last?
PapatymisonN:(*waits to see if connection is lost*)
Deus Fio:(Bees?!)
Besyanteo:(IM me when we're RPing)
Syra Zemyla:(Back, for real.)
PapatymisonN:So, Seany, coffee?
Syra Zemyla:It should last about an hour. Also, it hides our auras. That was a hard detail to come up with.
PapatymisonN:*he nods, and clings to Selendrile, burying his face in his arm*
PapatymisonN:*rolls his eyes, and continues on back to the Black Horn*
Syra Zemyla:*follows as well*
PapatymisonN:IM: He's got a crush. Go figure.
PapatymisonN:*they arrive back, sitting at their same table*
Besyanteo:*he sits*
PapatymisonN:Thanks, Selly. ^_^ I really needed to get out of there...
Deus Fio:*Vleian resumes his elfhood and takes his cloak back from Sel*
Syra Zemyla:*sits as well* So, how is this supposed to depose Franklyn?
PapatymisonN:Watch this.
PapatymisonN:... did you get it, Sean?
PapatymisonN:*as coffee is served to him, Sean hands over a slip of paper, folded tightly*
PapatymisonN:*unfolds it quickly, and then wads it back into place* ^_^ Sean, you're beautiful?
PapatymisonN:You think so?
Deus Fio:Let me see.
Besyanteo:*he chuckles, having an idea how this came about*
PapatymisonN:After, V.
Besyanteo:*several, really*
PapatymisonN:... and yeah, sure, Seany.
Syra Zemyla:(Anyways, I have to go, WTF eveyone.)
PapatymisonN:(Can ya exit formally first, by any chance?)
Besyanteo:(I need to head off as well)
Besyanteo:(too many delays hit us. :( )
PapatymisonN:(Argh. I'll write up the end, then.)
Deus Fio:(Blar.)
Deus Fio:(...went well!)
PapatymisonN:(For the most part.)
PapatymisonN:*Well, after the re-insertion of Duke Sean (after an awkward backdoor session between Sel and Sean, where the others didn't see anything), the slip of paper's information was revealed...*
PapatymisonN:*it held upon it the full schedule for the next two weeks of the prince of Doma, Charles*
PapatymisonN:*the plan? Kidnap him, pull him to their side... and have him declare his rule as the true king, and by extension...*
Besyanteo:Later folks.
Deus Fio::O