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Nekojin: Race Table

LIFESPAN: 75 yrs
ORIGINAL CREATOR(S) / EXPERT(S): Nekogami, UnclePervy

except for the bottom of the hands and feet, the body is covered in fur, ranging in colors and patterns; eyes of all colors possible; there are a few hairless nekojin but they are treated as lepers (see misc)


heightened smell and agility

female nekojin (purebred) concept art by Nekogami

Known as an easy-going and happy race. When angered their fury is uncontrollable yet easily dispelled. Nekojin tend to hold grudges for a while.

In truth, nekojin personalities range from individual to individual as much as any other race. Wherever you find a culture of nekojin, you will likely find a group of people who take pride in themselves and their work, as beloved creations of Nekogami. Because of this belief, there is not just a small amount truth to the perception that nekojin hold long grudges, should their fur be rubbed the wrong way on the wrong issue. Also, individuals are known to take the pride too far to step over the bounds of patriotism to nationalism, over the bounds of pride in one's racial origins and into racism.

Nekojin raised or living in countries which are predominantly inhabited by other races, who will not have the same cultural influences as those growing up around their own race, will be less predictable.

Nekojin tend to be judged by other races depending, amongst other things, on the other's exposure to races not his or her own, and especially 'fluffy races.' The latter is important to show that, for instance, a dog person does not act like a beast. Common stereotypes compare nekojin to cats, which is frustrating to various degrees to nekojin on the receiving end of such treatment.

There are "hairless" nekojin races; not actually hairless, but their hair is very thin and sparse, showing the skin underneath which is often colored and patterned as a fur coat would be (in spots, stripes, so on). These nekojin are almost universally treated as lepers and outcasts, even amongst other races, given the appearance that their fur is falling and their skin is blotched with disease. These nekojin often form their own towns or find themselves in Kalshana or Doma, two of the more welcoming countries for their kind. Not a few have turned to pirating, where their looks become a boon in their new-found trade.

nekojin (Kilian)
LIFESPAN: 65-80 yrs
ORIGINAL CREATOR(S) / EXPERT(S): glu_glu, Koss, pdrydia

in sum, humans with nekojin ears and tails


heightened sense of hearing (the ears are not simply cosmetic)

An example of the most typical Kilian nekojin traits--very human-like all-around but for cat ears and tail. Art by Glu-glu.

The Kilian nekojin are descendants of male nekojin who, upon reaching maturity, chose to leave their prides rather than challenge the ruling king. The name for the subrace derives from the country of New Kilian, the only land where these nekojin have gathered and formed a country.

It is arguable whether or not Kilian nekojin are a 'proper' race, given origins of nekojin-human interbreeding, and there are debates as to whether or not the race can healthily sustain itself. For now, Kilian nekojin Gaera-over seem to be in no immediate threat of dying out.

Kilian nekojin are the offworlder race which most frequently immigrates to Gaera, after humans. It's speculated that Kilian nekojin are amongst the most common races that Gaerans are converted to magically, along with dragons and cabbits.