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Race Catagory Demon
LifeSpan Approximately 1000 Years
Concerned Deities See Race Description
Original Creators/Experts LadyDragonClawsEDW, Taiar
Physical Form Usually Human in Appearence but not always so; Possess Feral Cat-Like Eyes
Racial Abilities Skilled in Magic and the Astral Plane, Innate Shadow Affinity, See Race Description As Well

Originally an Outworlder Race, Mazoku have now come to be native on Gaera.


The First Mazoku

Mazoku were initially from Ayenee and were just about as common to Gaera as Ryuuzoku were, that is to say, there were only one or two of them in the entirety of Gaera. Following Aya du Mythril from his home world, Taiar was the first known Mazoku to appear, first making his presense known in Doma. Not even bothering to find a way to explain his racial natures to others, he is probably responsible for catagorizing the race as Demons, telling those he meets that it was probably the native with the most similar nature to Mazoku. His early trickster-like attitude and smalltime pranks may be slightly responsible for the bad karma that the Mazoku hold, but none the less, he was able to get along fine with the inhabitants and spread the good-will of Ayenee Demoniness to those he touched.

Soon afterwards, another Mazoku from Ayenee would appear called Arnast, who's name would be forever etched into the history books deeper than Taiar could ever dream of. She was a creation who originated from the Ice Lord Dynast and formed from Ara du Mythril, hence the name.

Evidence of Possible Creation

In what some would call a fun time gone horribly horribly wrong, proof that Mazoku could be born even here on Gaera was brought to the surface as some gods took interest in the new race, some gods who happened to be named Nakibe. In a particular moment, where he was teasing the Paladin of Ishtar Daniel Hyral alongside another, a somewhat spontaneous cooperative effort between the God of Chaos and Taiar spawned a mazoku creation within the good-doer. As the official custom goes, the newly born Mazoku takes a piece of his creator's name when considering his own, and as such, Dan-Tai became Dante. Soon after the incident however, Dante was removed from Dan by Nakibe at the beckoning of Stephan and made into his own entity. The whereabout of Dante is currently unknown.

The Malachias War and Arnast's Children

For some time, Taiar and Arnast co-existed somewhat peacefully with the inhabitants of Gaera, albeit not very friendly with each other. Having been drawn in by the lure of the Demon Lord Malachias though, Arnast would turn against the citizens of Doma and ally herself with him to crush the country under his grip. On the warpath towards the stately nation, she decimated the city of Nocket and with the power of the Last Pit Lord of Hell, resurrected its citizens as Mazoku, drawing the entire population into her Dark Army. Under her control, this army controlled a vast territory southeast of the Doman Capital.

The End of the War, The Dark Mazoku Legacy

Lead by Doma's own Queen, herself an ancient enemy to the Demon Race, a task force headed out to deal with the Mazoku Army and its unwitting leader Arnast. They succeeded, pushing her back and eventually killing her. Although free Arnast's will, the army was still hunted by the Barians, whom seem to succeed for the most part. Although it could be that several Mazoku have escaped from the slaughter after that battle, the number or stength of them is a mystery.

Present Day

The whereabouts or numbers of the surviving Mazoku remains unknown. They are now free of Arnast's will though, and are capable of living out their lives as they see fit. As a result of this, they have no duty to take part of Arnast's name into their own. Though, due to the nature of their creation by a power not directly related to the ones whom originally created them in Ayenee, they have undergone some changes in this world.

Racial Abilities

Taiar, a mazoku originally from Ayenee who now lives on Gaera; art by Nekogami.

In their natural place, Mazoku only exist as Astral Bodies and the stronger ones are capable of constructing a physical form for itself purely through magic. Harm that comes to this physical body in no way effects the Mazoku in question. However, because Malachias and Arnast have dabbled their way into the creation process, Mazoku that are native to Gaera are now bound to the physical form they were created with, complete with damage detection. This however does not change the fact that they are very skilled in magic innately and are in tune with the Astral Plane to an incredible effect. The Magic of Mazoku also carries over its strengths and weaknesses from its home world, being similar to the Shadow element here. A large difference over its Gaeran equivilant though is that the Astral Energy which forms this magic also seems to be incredibly effective against Dragons of all types, carving more easily through their Astral Bodies than many other magic forms. Also, although not an innate ability, Mazoku Astral Bodies also lend themselves very well to teleportation spells, moving swiftly through the planes to another location. Many Mazoku seem to love taking advantage of this.

The Gods of Ayenee also have no direct sway over Gaeran-Born Mazoku. They are free to worship who they choose, if anyone at all. Prospective choices include Nikumi, Kayne, or Nakibe.

The most notable difference between Mazoku and other races however is that rather than eating food, they process negative emotions through an Astral Process, which in turn gives them energy to continue living or fortify them for struggles ahead. On the flip side though, positive emotions have an almost poisonous effect on the demons, weakening them. The magnitude of each respective emotion reinforces its effect on the recipient. Contrary to popular belief however, Mazoku can still eat and appreciate food like any normal human being, although if they vomit only after subsisting on Negative Emotions, Astral Goo comes up rather than partially digested stuffs.

Procreation in Gaeran-Born Mazoku is also not limited to slaughtering someone and resurrecting them under your power, which is for the best seeing that only extremely powerful Mazoku or Mazoku with aid from god-like being can do this. Those who are born of a human body return to that human body, and their offspring retains a percentage of their racial traits, like usual. That is to say...Two mazoku parents would have a full mazoku son or daughter and so on and so forth. Partial Mazoku are not required to feed off of negative emotions like full ones are, but they do not benefit as much from the action. They are also not as weakened by position emotions though.

Philsys Innate Techs and Spells

  • [Innate] Mazoku Properties (Passive) - This Character takes 50% damage from all shadow elemental magic and 2x damage from holy or "ryuuzoku" magic. Holy-elemental healing magic will damage him, but he can be healed by shadow-type healing spells.
  • [Innate] Consume Emotion (Passive or 2 TP) - This Character draws energy from surrounding negative emotions (hate, anger, fear, etc.) and is weakened somewhat by strong positive emotions (love, joy, etc.). In the presence of strong negative emotions he can spend 2 TP to add +1 to his STR, AGI, or COU until the emotions subside, or he can use them to recover 15 HP. This is a free action, but it can only be performed once per round. In the presence of strong positive emotions, the Character takes a -1 to -4 penalty on rolls of all types.