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Kobakk Dorland
(rp world)
Kobakk Dorland
(Gaera Main)
Unknown, a foundling in the year 1296. Birthday is celebrated on Kazerora 14th.
Balmore, Baron (south of Fort Gungnir).
current residence None, formerly Aegir City (travelled alot)
occupation Knight of Baron
family Rebecca and Andrew Dorland (parents), 2 brothers, 2 sisters, unknown orc parents
race Orc
physical description Kobakk is considered ugly for an orc, as he has many humanlike features. He is built like a tank at 6'4", well muscled in every place imagined. He has the standard green skin and pointed ears of an orc, but his tusks are noticeably undersize, barely more than a slight underbite.
typical clothing Kobakk tends to wear the standard Baronian knight's armor, all in red and black. He tends to wear a red tunic and black slacks underneath that, and usually wears that when not on duty.
personality Kobakk is a rather sociable person, getting along well with anyone he meets. However, he is always careful to keep his powerful temper in line, as it can lead to misunderstandings with his allies.
religious beliefs Kobakk is a casual follower of Indari.
drunk type Raucous and loud, until angered, at which point he loses all control.


Rebecca and Andrew Dorland heard a sound at the door. It somehow penetrated the noise the rain made as it pummeled the Baronian earth beneath their home. Rebecca almost didn't want to answer it. Who would be calling at such a late hour? Andrew eased her fears, and answered the knock. But the knocker would not answer back. For she was dead.

The green corpse lay bleeding on the Dorland's doorstep, another male corpse not far behind. The female orc used her last ounce of strength to make some sort of noise on the door. For in her arms lay a basket. In the basket lay a squirming blanket, and Andrew knew at once that this blanket, this blessed package, was delivered at the expense of the orc woman's life.

At the expense of his mother's life.

The paper underneath the child said Kobakk. And what could the Dorlands do but raise him? They had too much love in their hearts to do anything else. Soon, Kobakk was doing surprisingly well in school, getting good grades and even winning over some friends at his school. Kobakk got some brothers and sisters as things progressed, and they looked up to him as their powerful big brother.

Then, on his graduation night, he saw a girl being attacked by her date. And he put him through a wall.

It was that simple. The boy was assaulting her, and he stopped him. He wasn't even permanently harmed. But it helped Kobakk realize something.

All his life he'd been thinking he was Baronian. But he had forgotten he was an orc. The instinct of Indari had been forgotten in him.

He decided to put his strength to good use. He joined the Knight's Academy of Baron and graduated with honors. But something was missing. He felt as if guard duty was all they'd let him do. So, he put in for a journeyman's pass.

Recently, he has been getting involved with the underground resistance in Baron, rescuing the king from prison and joining up with General Sanchez and his crew.

Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Kobakk Dorland (KoD) Level 2, 0/1500 XP
Max HP: 82/82; Max TP: 41/41
Initiative: 3+ 2d6


Courage: +4
Wisdom: +3
Intuition: +1
Charisma: +2
Agility: +1
Dexterity: +2
Strength: +6
Stamina: +4
Magic Aptitude: 0

Base AT/PA: 12/12

Modified for armor: 12/10
Modified for skill: 13/14
Missile evasion: 11+d20
Magic Defense: 19+d20
Body=chain mail, -3 to PA, AC 10
Other=armored gauntlets, AC 10, DUR 20

Weapon Damage: Ondeko-Bachi (Swak) Light - 15+1d6
Medium - 22+2d4
Heavy - 27+2d6


Swords - 3
Axes - 3
Knives/Daggers - 2
Maces - 4
Ondeko-Bachi - 5
Hunting - 5
Intimidation - 1
Commander - 3
[k]Baronian Knight Training - 4
[k]Trilingualism(Common, Orkish and Rivan) - 4
[k]Chess - 1


    [Hunting=1] Hunt (0 TP) - Using the information around him, Kobakk can track any creature either back to its lair, or forward to where it is.
    [Ondeko-Bachi=4] Bonecracker (12 TP) - Assuming the enemy has bones, Kobakk uses his large weapon to shatter the bones of his enemies. Roll normally to see if Kobakk connects, and roll a d20 for area of damage. 1-5=arm, 6-10=leg, 7-19=rib, 20=neck. Normal smashing damage is incurred in addition to the effect of the bone break. If he breaks an arm, AT goes down by 2. If he breaks a leg, AGI goes down by 2. If he breaks a rib, 1d6 damage is dealt to the enemy each turn. If he breaks the enemy's neck, permanent paralysis is incurred.
    [BKT=2] Guard - (1 TP) Kobakk gains +4 to his PA for 1 turn.
    [BKT=3] Cover - (0 TP) As all knights are trained to do, Kobakk stands in the path of any physical attack aimed at an ally with a penalty incurred due to lack of corporeal strength, and will continue to do so until they lose said penalty.
    [Innate] Indari's Blessing (14 TP) - With a maddening rush of power, Kobakk turns to darkness and in a flash, attacks all enemies twice with 2/3 of his normal strength.
    [Innate] Berserk (5 TP) - The inner beast that lies within all orcs is awakened within Kobakk, driving him mad and increasing his STR and STA by +4, but reducing his WIS and INT by -2 and forcing him to do nothing but attack the enemy at random for the rest of battle.
    [Innate] Break Trance (8 TP) - Kobakk leaves his berserked state before the end of battle, requiring a STA check.