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Alicia Faye Cade (nee Rune)
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Alicia Faye Cade (nee Rune)

artwork by poster Bunnygirle;

name Alicia Faye Cade (nee Rune)
nickname(s) Rune
rp world Gaera Main
birthdate c. 1294
birthplace unknown
current residence Baron Capital, Baron
family unknown
race human
physical description 5' 9", 180 lbs; angular runes tattooed on her skin at her wrists, hidden under gloves, and at her ankles, hidden under boots
typical clothing always wears her leather dragoon training armor--slightly modified--with the crest conspicuously absent, over simple traveling clothes
personality by and large, Rune likes to give off an air of detachment and blandness--it's how she keeps control over her situations and controls who has influence over her; she values her independence and very much does what she wants to do, whatever others think about this; she will obey the law depending upon, firstly, whether she agrees with it or not, and, secondly, whether or not it is convenient; she does not often form friendships, but it is not an impossible occurrence
religious beliefs Rune is a worshipper of Ryuugami, in the tradition of Baronian dragoons. This is largely influenced by a respected acquaintance, Matthew Verdante (RPer--pd Rydia), who was the one who inspired her to train as a dragoon.
drunk type boring
other skills--jumping, lance, basic wind magic, basic healing; acquaintances--Verdante, Leslie, Jansen Cade


Rune is one of the orphans of unknown origins from the country of Baron; while not too terribly common, these cases are by no means unheard of. In Rune's case, the innkeep of the Ebony Hoof was distressed to find the infant, wrapped up in swaddling and deposited in a basket, left in the inn at closing time, when all patrons had left. Thus the unknown child--human to all appearances--came to live in the Bridarc Orphanage. Eventually, she came to be known as Alicia Faye Rune--her last name chosen due to the markings on her wrists and ankles.

Alicia was quiet and withdrawn for much of her youth; she didn't care to interact with others, and in her desire to be alone often got in trouble for leaving the grounds without permission and supervision. By the age of ten, upon discovering that it was generally accepted among the faculty that she was an 'unadoptable,' she discovered the wonderful world of sarcasm, insults, and vandalism, and began to explore these new fields with great interest. She had a few tastes of her own medicine, but it didn't take her very long to discover an effective way to protect herself; a shield of detachment and a bland, superior attitude.

One day in 1306, the orphanage arranged a speaker to come and speak with some of the older kids about the Baronian dragoons. While Rune was not there for the speech, she was present to be caught by the dragoon as she attempted to steal his spear. Surprisingly, he took this in good humor. This being the first time she had encountered this, the two got to talking, and eventually, Alicia came to respect the dragoon--Verdante--quite a bit.

In two years time, she was impressed enough to have joined the dragoon forces as a trainee. From age 14 to 17, she spent her time training, and became known simply as "Rune." However, besides authority not sitting well with her, Rune found herself growing increasingly bored--and frustrated, although she would not admit that--with her position and decided, one day, to take off to Doma one day with Jansen Cade (RPer--KingOfDoma), someone she had just met that day. Thus is her whim.

Rune is not completely without aim, however. She enjoys travel, certainly, but she is specifically looking for information about her origins and the runes from which her name was derived.

Recently, she reconnected with her old flame, and the sparks were instantaneous (though any casual observer would just believe her to be callously rebuffing her advances). A couple of weeks later, they mutually agreed to go in front of a Justice of the Peace, and be married.



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Courage: +
Wisdom: +
Intuition: +
Charisma: +
Agility: +
Dexterity: +
Strength: +
Stamina: +
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