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Divides by two.

Can also divide by other numbers.

Other functions performed by Archmage include RPing, producing useless papers, spouting pharmaceutical garbage, giving you free kills in Halo and consuming caffeinated beverages, which occasionally require him to stop in order to urinate.

Depending on his whims, he may also drink all of your booze.

The Man

An excellent sketch of Archmage by Kai because he doesn't have a good, recent photo handy.

Archmage lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with Kai and his three other roommates, two humans and his cat Noire, whose name is not a coincidence (see Noire). He is a professional pharmacy student working to achieve his Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree, and he's halfway there.

Archmage is otherwise known as Brian, which has prompted him to occasionally use the nickname Archmage_Brian or AM_Brian. Brian's pet issues (everybody has at least one) are mostly related to his disgust for psuedoscience and anti-science, particularly in medicine; he knows he's doing his job correctly when he's being accused of being a "pharma shill" or "FDA co-conspirator." Other interests include psychology, computers, violent Japanese cartoons, and sinister lens flares.