Miriam Agatha Jeikobu

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Miriam Agatha Jeikobu

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(RP World)
Miriam Agatha Jeikobu
(Gaera Second Generation)
12th of Kazerora, 1322
Estate of Vashtiy, Underworld
Current Residence Christian Jeikobu IV's Tower-fortress, Yamaedor Mountain-side, Doma
Occupation Unemployed, studying magic under her Father
Family Christian Jeikobu IV (Father), Vashtiy Haniel (mother)
race Half-succubus
physical description 5' 4", with a slight built, Miriam's not the most imposing of figures. She's got very dark blue, almost black hair at near waist-length and yellow, cat-like eyes. Porcelain-skin because of spending her life mostly in-doors, and a slender reptilian tail (carefully hidden under her dress).
Typical Attire Miriam prefers long dresses and discreet, but fashionable, jewelry, and she's usually seen dressed in rather covering robes, mantles and robes, but after recent ventures with Sirvix, she's taken to trying to be more revealing in her choice outfits, but without having had a chance to shop away, she's got to make due with what she's got. Likewise, her preference in color's somewhat sobre, and she enjoys wearing matt purple, red and black, like her father, and jewelry is mostly silver, her ear-rings in silver with inlaid, polished onyx. She's known to wear evening-dresses and gowns, should the occasion require it, and she's also got a set of black-lacquered ceremonial armor, a family heirloom. Although she used to wear white, elbow-length gloves most of the time, the recent addition of talons has made this very difficult.
Personality Miriam has spent very little time outside her father's tower, and therefore has a somewhat limited world-view. Due to her father's penchant to over-the-top power-hunger, not to mention her mother's nature, Mir has a thirst for power and knowledge that, while not as obvious as her father's, does color much of her behaviour, direct or otherwise. She may be a bit naive, but she learns quickly, and in difference to her father she much more prefers to see herself as ambitious, carrying none of her father's imagined grudge against King Charles, but rather see old business as dead as her ancestors. Although intimidated by her mother to no end, she's started to realize what an asset that side of her family in, and has recently approached her mother about all kinds of matters, most of which the old bitch-queen is more than happy to exploit to her own ends. Miriam is also, sadly, a teenager, and is therefore a victim to most hormonally-charged emotional problems as most of your average teens. She's not exactly greedy, but will do some pretty nasty things to get what she wants, and she can be manipulative, vindictive and over-react to any dismissal or declinations. She's got a good heart though, even if it's sometimes hard to find.
Religious Beliefs Miriam, like her father, is far too occupied with her own interests to pay homage to any particular deity, although she's of course open-minded enough to accept their existance. She doesn't feel anything particular to them, although she of course respects power.
Drunk Type Miriam becomes painfully blunt when she's drunk, losing her ability to sugarcoat things, and her streak of arrogance becomes more obvious. Then she continues drinking and becomes incoherent.


Christian Jeikobu IV wanted power, no matter what the cost. Having never seen his family squander their power away into nothing, merely being told a scewed and unreal version of it that blamed the Doman Nobility, he grew up hateful and power-hungry, willing to do anything to restore his family name to its proper seat of respect. To this end he dabbled in the forbidden arts. Although trained as a warrior-magician, he abandoned the path of the blade to divert all his attention to the dark arts of demonology and necromancy, anything to be able to wrest power from whomever had it and was too weak to keep it.

During these dabblings, Christian made a deal with a succubus named Vashtiy, a minor noble in the Underworld, in order to attain knowledge otherwise out of his reach. Vashtiy, meanwhile, was given a rather significant portion of the human's soul, which she still keeps in a lockbox in her personal chamber. For although their dealings first began as merely business, she developed a liking to the desperate but willful man and had, what she'd prefer to call it, a brief fling with the end-result of a baby girl being born. Although Christian remained unaware of this for some time, the matter was revealed to him on his daughters second birthday and managed to wrest guardianship of her from her mother, although what the prize was he has not told anyone.

Miriam had been named Agatha by her mother, the name which she had first used when she had met Christian, but her father, finding himself unable to call his daughter that, gave her his mother's name, Miriam. Miriam was a half-blood, and it showed. She had claws, fangs, leathery wings and a thin, reptilian tail, and her hair was in a burgundy red shade. Feeling that she should suffer less from her father's badly-chosen path, he used much of his power to seal away his daughter's demonic side, making away with most of the more obvious traits. He decided likewise that keeping her locked up, away from boys, demons and just generally other people, would be the best thing for her daughter.

Pretty obvious he had no clue on how to raise a kid.

So Miriam grew up under her father's tutelage, learning how to be a proper noble, how to hunger for power and not how to socialize with people outside the formal. Although her talons were reduced to fairly long nail-like claws, she was taught to file them down, and her father schooled her in the field of Fire and summoning magic, feeling that letting her dabble in Shadow arts would be too dangerous considering the seals he'd put on her.

So, after a mostly uneventful early puberty, Miriam was the wonderfully isolated person her daddy wanted, and he relaxed a bit as she seemed to calm down from her occasional bouts of demonic-fueled anger, or her desire not to be in the same room as her father. Of course, she was allowed to head outside once in a while, not to mention the semi-annual visit to her mother, but other than that her contact with outside people was, at best, non-existant.

Of course, what he didn't know was that, at the age of 15, Miriam'd already figured out how to make her way to visit her mother by herself, and through her learned a bit about that side of life as well. Vashtiy was, naturally, somewhat reluctant to share all she knew, but did enjoy spending some time with her child without her paranoid father realizing it.

Miriam's first love and the Crazy Domans that came with it

-To be updated once Kai's 'Interesting Times Gang' RP is over.

Philsys Data

Philsys Box

Miriam Agatha Jeikobu (ChristianC) Level 1; 550/1000 XP
Max HP: 65
Max MP: 80
Max TP: 28
Initiative: 3+2d6


Courage: +4
Wisdom: +3
Intuition: +3
Charisma: +2
Agility: +1
Dexterity: +1
Strength: +0
Stamina: +2
Magic Aptitude: 5

Base AT/PA: 9/9

Base AT/PA - 14/14

Base MATK: 11
Base MBlock: 21
Base Missile Evade: 15

Body=Shielded Robe (AC 7)

Weapon Damage - Rapier (L) (8/10/X , +1/-1, 1.5)
Light - 11+1d6
Medium - 13+2d6
Heavy - X

Weapon Damage - Rapier (L) (8/10/X, +1/-1, 1.5) - with Precise Strike
Light - 12+1d6
Medium - 15+2d6
Heavy - X


(K) (Wis/Wis/Wis)
Applied Magical Theory 4
Etiquette (High Society) 4
Demonology 4
Heraldry 1
History of Magic 2
Religious Lore 1
Ritual Magic 2
Demonic Dialects 2

Deception 4 <Cha/Cha/Int>
Magic Resistance 4 <Int=2, Wis=2>
Musical Talent 3 <Cha/Cha/Dex>
Observant 2 <Int=3>
Pain Resistance 3 <Sta=2>
Sense Motive 2 <Int>

Weapon (Rapier) 3 <Cou/Agi/Dex>
Magic (Summon) 2
Magic (Dark) 4
Magic (Fire) 4

Spells and Techs

  • [Rapier=2]Precise Striking (2 TP) - Uses DEX to determine weapon damage bonuses instead of STR and eliminates all penalties to hit other than those caused by magical debuffs for one round. Heavy attacks are impossible when using Precise Striking.

Pure Attack Spells

  • [Fire=1]Fire 1 (4 MP) - Does 8 + rank*2 + 1d6 (17-24) fire damage to a single target.
  • [Fire=4]Fire 2 (12 MP) - Does 14 + rank*4 + 2d6 (32-42) fire damage to a single target.
  • [Fire=4]Fireball (29 MP) - Does 10 + rank*2 + 3d6 (21-36) fire damage to all within a 10 foot radius of the target.
  • [Dark=1]Negatis (8 MP) - Deals 8 + rank*2 + 1d6 (17-24) shadow damage to a single target.
  • [Dark=4]Negatis 2 (12 MP) - Deals 12 + rank*4 + 2d6 )30-40) shadow damage to a single target.

Special Effect Spells

  • [Fire=3]Ignite (10 MP) - Sets a target ablaze. These flames persist until the target "stops, drops, and rolls" (a standard action) or is doused by water or large quantities of dirt/mud. These flames deal 12+1d6 points of damage each round.
  • [Dark=3]Drain (10 MP) - Deals 6+rank+1d6 points of Dark damage, which is then absorbed by the caster as HP. Using this against unholy/demonic creatures reverses the effect.

Summoning Spells

  • [Summon=1]Hounds of Damnation (11 MP) - The Guardians hounds of Vashtiy's manor Rip and Tear! 10+1d10 (11-20) damage/turn.
  • [Summon=2]Dank Butler (17 MP) - Manservant of Vashtiy, Belosh gladly aids his Mistress' daughter with his demonic martial arts. 16+2d8 (18-32) damage/turn.
  • [Summoning=1]Summon Food (4 MP) - Creates a loaf of brownish bread. It is entirely possible to live off nothing but summoned bread for indefinite periods of time, but the bread is usually of less than superior quality and does tend to get old quickly.
  • [Summoning=2]Summon Stick (4 MP) - Creates a stick of "wood" up to 6 feet long. Can be used as a staff for combat or a walking aid. Shorter sticks can be used to splint wounds or for any other purpose one might be able to use a wooden dowel or equivalent. Summoned sticks are flammable and can be used as firewood or to create a makeshift torch.

Usable Cantrips and Non-combat Spells

  • [Fire=1]Warmth (6 MP) - Allows the user to stay warm for up to (rank/2) hours. This spell functions between 60 and -20 degrees Fahrenheit, making the caster feel like it is 70 degrees, -10 for every 10 degrees below the limit, rounded up. This spell provides comfort in natural cold only.
  • [Fire=2]Glow (3 MP) - Causes the caster to glow for rank hours, unless they will the effect to stop beforehand, providing illumination equivalent to the average torch.
  • [Fire=2]Cauterize (3 MP) - This spell utilizes focused heat to sear and seal open wounds, preventing further blood loss and sterilizing injuries that might otherwise become further complicated. This spell cures 1 point of damage from alleviating surface wounds, and stabilizes a target if bleeding. This spell may not be used in combat.
  • [Fire=3]Lantern Orb (6 MP) - Creates a glowing orb of warm light in the hands of the caster for rank hours, functioning as a lantern that can, with some practice, be covered by the hands and provide illumination to certain directions and shielded off from others. - Under construction
  • [Dark=1]Desecrate (18 MP) - Make a piece of land (100 ft sq.) imbued with Dark energy for (rank*5) days. The enchanted area has all the effects of a piece of truly unholy land until the spell wears off. It cannot be cast on an area enchanted with Consecrate unless the caster is at least 3 ranks higher than the caster of Consecrate. All celestials and holy creatures cannot pass through this area of land. Should they wish to do so, they must make a COU*3+d20 check vs. the caster's spellcasting check. If they succeed, they may pass through the area, but they suffer 100 points of damage as a result.