War of Martian Independence

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  • Early discontent in various Martian mining and industrial colonies began to grow throughout late-21st century due to general perception of exploitation by Earth-side sponsoring nations
  • Initial conflict prompted 2105 by the Gundersdottir's Dome Rebellion (ENT Novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)
  • Core forces
    • Earth-based national and private armies
    • Colonial citizens and local militias
  • Numerous colonial labor strikes followed Gundersdottir's Dome Rebellion (ENT Novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)
    • Lack of Martian resources and disruption of supply chains running from outer system through Mars to Earth led to destabilization of Earth economy
  • Earth forces sent to put down strikes, leading to bloody confrontations that served to increase local resistance and spur negative reaction from civilians at home
  • War concluded early-22nd century with independence of Mars, formation of Confederated Martian Colonies under the Fundamental Declarations of the Martian Colonies
    • Diplomatic relations initially unsteady with Earth, but cooled by formation of United Earth
    • Experience with Mars, coupled with aftermath of the strife with Terra Nova prior to its disappearance, led to increased hands-off policy by UESPA and, later, United Earth regarding colonial oversight beginning 22nd century