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  • Appearance: Mammalian
    • Average height less than average height of Humans
    • Prominent snouts
    • Tusks in lower jaw
      • Size varies
    • Hands sometimes possess keratinous, hoof-like coating
  • Homeworld: Miracht
    • Major offworld populations: Mars
  • Biology
  • Cultural notes
    • Tellarite faith
    • Tellarite language
    • Tellarite food
    • Generally devoted to honesty as a virtue even above the social niceties followed by others (SCE Short Story: "Aftermath")
    • Argumentation seen as a pastime amongst Tellarites (ENT: "Bounty")
    • Architectural styles
      • Churlnik (DS9 Novel: Demons of Air and Darkness)
        • Noted for decorative stonework, similarly to Earth Gothic (DS9 Novel: Demons of Air and Darkness)