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  • Appearance: Vermiform
    • Thin teardrop-shaped body
    • Red-tinted front portion, length studded with blue spots
  • Lifespan: Indeterminate
  • Homeworld: Trillius Prime
    • Specifically originally native to the Caves of Mak'ala (DS9: "Equilibrium")
  • Biological notes
    • Biochemically compatible with Trill, humanoid species also native to Trillius Prime
      • See Trill for symbiosis notes
    • Able to generate mild electrical pulses (DS9: "Equilibrium")
      • Interspecies communication engaged via direct electrical stimulation (DS9: "Equilibrium")
    • Ancestor species of bluegill parasites (DS9 Short Story: "Sins of the Mother")


  • c.23000 BCE: First joining between a symbiont and the species that would later become Trill (DS9 Novel: Trill: Unjoined)