Starfleet vessels

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General technical notes

  • Following decommissioning while active, vessels can have a number of fates
    • Rarely, some vessels will be held in reserve for potential recommissioning
      • Given that vessels are only decommissioned when judged as no longer suitable for Starfleet operations this is usually infeasible
    • Prior to any other fates, all sensitive or defensive systems are removed
    • Significant vessels remanded to various fleet museums
    • Those still generally well-functioning often remanded to civilian organizations (TNG: "Hero Worship"; DS9 Novel: The Missing)
      • Such vessels recorded in Starfleet records with NAR registry prefix (TNG: "Hero Worship")
    • Other vessels used for various purposes within Starfleet
      • R&D testbeds (SCE Short Story: "Foundations, Book Three")
      • Wargames scenarios (TNG: "Peak Performance")
  • Front-line vessels tend to be officer-heavy as compared to other vessels (TNG Novel: Greater Than the Sum)
  • Door functionality
    • Door entry to rooms marked as private provided by relevant entry keyword spoken by the occupant (TNG Novel: A Time for War, A Time for Peace)
      • "Come", "Enter", etc.