Starfleet Academy courses

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Required First Year Courses

Basic Navigation

  • Fundamentals of charting subspace geodesics (TNG Novel: Worf's First Adventure)

Basic Training

  • Includes low-resolution holographic piloting simulations by mid-24th century (SCE Short Story: "Wildfire, Book 2")

Diversity awareness

  • Focused largely on deconstructing biological and cultural stereotypes to allow for better cross-species interactions (TTN Novel: Taking Wing)
    • Presumably, more basic gender/sexual identity/racial diversity awareness training isn't included by default but is available as needed
    • Placement as a first-year course is presumptive given the nature and importance of the class

Post-Traumatic Psychology

  • Instructs on coping methods following traumatic situations and scenarios (DS9 Novel: Avatar, Book One)

Prime Directive - Theories and Application

  • Reviewing instances relevant to the Prime Directive over Starfleet history (TNG Novel: Worf's First Adventure)