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  • Located in Sector 001 along the Alpha/Beta Quadrant border (Star Charts)
    • Nearest star system to Alpha Centauri
    • Slightly over 16 ly from Nevasa (ENT: "Home")
    • Four days, under 90 ly, from Qo'noS (ENT: "Broken Bow", "Two Days and Two Nights")
    • Three days from Tau Ceti at moderate warp speeds (VOY Novel: Mosaic)
    • Under a week from Pacifica at moderate warp speeds (SCE Short Story: "Age of Unreason")
    • Approximately three days from Rashanar at high warp (TNG Novel: A Time to Be Born, A Time to Die)
    • Within a few days of Sector 010 by shuttle (TNG Novel: Resistance)
    • Five days from Temecklia at high warp (Novel: Articles of the Federation)

Known Planets

Smaller orbital bodies


Stellar data