2267 Federation-Klingon War

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Before the War

  • Tensions remained high in the aftermath of both the Battle of Donatu V and the previous war, though international relations regressed to a cold status barring the occasional skirmish
    • Major such skirmishes include:
      • 2264: Rimbor Engagement; USS Farragut vs. three Klingon warships (TNG Novel: Worf's First Adventure)
  • These tensions broke March 22, 2267, when two Klingon cruisers destroyed a Federation hospital ship in the Kalinora Sector, claiming it was on a mission of espionage. (TOS Novel: Ashes of Eden; VAN Novel: Open Secrets)
    • This attack was followed by a counterattack led by Admiral Androvar Drake destroying both cruisers, immediately followed by a general declaration of war. (TOS Novel: Ashes of Eden)

Core forces

Major Events

March 22, 2267

  • Initial attacks included Klingon strikes on unmanned subspace communications buoys, forward observation outposts, and at least one starbase. (VAN Novel: Open Secrets)

March 23, 2267

  • Hostilities end a single day after they begun with the Organian Peace Treaty, an agreement imposed by the extradimensional entities known as Organians due to their general distaste for violence, and corporeal life in general, and their homeworld's position between the two powers. (TOS: "Errand of Mercy")