Nalori Republic

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  • Full name: Nalori Republic
  • Center of government: Nalor (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Book Two")
  • Interstellar nation bordering Federation by late-22nd century (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Book One")
  • Largely comprised of Nalori (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Book One")
    • Osina, Cabbi also members of the Republic (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Book Two")

Bordering territories


  • Late 22nd century: Engaged in a brief border war with the nascent Federation (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Book One")
    • War is lost, as is a large portion of the Nalori fleet (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Book One")
  • April 2376: Diplomatic relations with the Federation reopen, following successful joint Federation/Nalori mission on Sarindar to establish chimerium mining operation (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Book Two")
    • Agreement includes exclusively shared research and usage rights for claimed chimerium (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Book Two")

Political Structure

  • Government includes Senate as significant body (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Book One", "Invincible, Book Two")