Milky Way

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  • Home galaxy of nearly all known civilizations
  • Barred spiral galaxy with estimated diameter of 100,000 ly
    • Four major spiral arms
      • Sagittarius-Carina arm
        • Commonly known as Sagittarius arm, Carina arm
        • Orion-Cygnus minor arm
          • Location of Sol, nearest civilizations
      • Crux-Scutum arm
        • Commonly known as Crux arm
      • Norma arm
      • Perseus arm
        • Three-kiloparsec minor arm (VOY Short Story: "Brief Candle")
    • Divided astrometrically into four quadrants
  • Surrounded by the Galactic Barrier (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before", "By Any Other Name", "Is There in Truth No Beauty?")
  • Formed c.13.56 billion ya (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)

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