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  • Intelligent tactical computer developed by Richard Daystrom as a proof-of-concept of multitronics (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer")
    • Brain engrams from Daystrom himself were integrated after the failures of units M-1 through M-4 (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer")
  • Proved incredibly capable at logistics and tactics (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer")
    • However, during battle drills, excessive self-preservation instincts derived from Daystrom's engrams led to multiple casualties (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer")
      • Included loss of all hands for USS Excalibur (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer")
  • Unit was disabled by Captain James Kirk inducing an internal ethical conflict leading to cascade failure (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer")
  • Unit eventually recovered by Emil Vaslovik, brought to Valhalla Station, Odin (TNG Novel: Immortal Coil)