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  • Appearance: Variable
    • Natural form golden gelatinous substance
    • Able to take on seemingly any physical form, to the atomic or subatomic level
      • Implied given that scanners are unable to identify shapeshifters
      • Forms can be discontinuous to a limited degree, such as fog (DS9: "Chimera")
      • Electronic devices can be mimicked in a functioning manner (DS9: "Paradise Lost")
  • Homeworld: Founder homeworld
  • Biological notes
    • Shapeshifting capabilities granted via biological structure known as morphogenic matrix, driven by morphogenic enzymes (DS9: "The Begotten", "Things Past")
      • Shapeshifting required for physical well-being, but shapeshifting capability can be removed by the Great Link, transforming a Founder into a solid being (DS9: "In Purgatory's Shadow", "Broken Link")
    • No need nor ability to consume food or water for sustenance (DS9: "Meridian")
    • Capable of surviving in total vacuum (DS9: "Chimera")
    • Immune to many forms of telepathy, but not all
      • Cannot be read by Betazoids (DS9: "Fascination")
      • Can be involved with Trill telepathic rituals (DS9: "Facets")
    • Seemingly have some form of innate telepathy
      • Capable of sensing other Founders in the vicinity (DS9: "The Search, Part I", "Homefront", "Chimera")
        • This may be an aspect of interdimensional nature allowing for shifting mass