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General notes

  • By Starfleet policy, two vessels (starships or shuttlecraft) in service at the same time may not hold the same name (TTN Novel: Taking Wing)
    • Two vessels referring to individuals with the same surname can be in service at the same time, and may be referred to in shorthand with the surname alone (i.e., "USS Kirk"), but the official recorded name will use the individual's full name to avoid confusion of reference (i.e., "USS James T. Kirk"). (TTN Novel: Taking Wing)
  • Front-line vessels tend to be officer-heavy as compared to other vessels (TNG Novel: Greater Than the Sum)
  • Door functionality
    • Door entry to rooms marked as private provided by relevant entry keyword spoken by the occupant (TNG Novel: A Time for War, A Time for Peace)
      • "Come", "Enter", etc.
  • Following decommissioning while active, vessels can have a number of fates
    • Rarely, some vessels will be held in reserve for potential recommissioning
      • Given that vessels are only decommissioned when judged as no longer suitable for Starfleet operations this is usually infeasible
    • Prior to any other fates, all sensitive or defensive systems are removed
    • Significant vessels remanded to various fleet museums
    • Those still generally well-functioning often remanded to civilian organizations (TNG: "Hero Worship"; DS9 Novel: The Missing)
      • Such vessels recorded in Starfleet records with NAR registry prefix (TNG: "Hero Worship")
    • Other vessels used for various purposes within Starfleet
      • R&D testbeds (SCE Short Story: "Foundations, Book Three")
      • Wargames scenarios (TNG: "Peak Performance")

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