Caldos II

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  • Primary: Caldos
  • Class M
  • Inhabitants: Human
  • Nation
    • c.2270 - Present: United Federation of Planets (TNG: "Sub Rosa"; TNG Novel: Available Light)
      • Transitioned from colony to full member at some point (TNG Novel: Available Light)
  • Colony led by a governor (TNG: "Sub Rosa")


  • c.2270: Completion of one of the Federation's first terraforming projects, and first settlement. (TNG: "Sub Rosa")
    • Constructed as an accurate replica of Scotland (TNG: "Sub Rosa")
  • February 2381: Popular destination for refugees of the 2381 Borg Invasion due to having avoided any Borg attack. (TNG Novel: Available Light)



  • Cities
    • New Glasgow (TNG Novel: Available Light)

Indigenous Life