Bajoran language

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General information

  • In Bajoran alphabet, phonetic analog to "C" is fourth letter, analog to "E" is seventh letter (DS9 Novel: Avatar, Book One)
  • Older form known as Old High Bajoran (DS9 Short Story: "Horn and Ivory"; DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Cathedral)
    • Little used even by c.28,000 BCE (DS9 Short Story: "Horn and Ivory")


  • borhya
    • Ghost, spirit (TNG: "The Next Phase"; DS9 Novel: Avatar, Book One)
  • pagh'tem'far
    • Vision bestowed on a person by the Prophets (DS9: "Rapture")


Uncertain or absent translation

  • Tesra Peldor impatri bren. Bentel vetan ullon sten.
    • Said at conclusion of day's worship (DS9 Novel: Avatar, Book One)