Yadali Volpecula

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Yadali Volpecula
Yadali pen sketch CG copy.jpg
(rp world)
Yadali Volpecula
(Gaera Main)
(birthplace) Tuatha, Ka'thalar.
current residence Doma
occupation Ambassador
family Namil Bensha (father), Hare Bensha (mother)
race Wood Elf
physical description Yadali has grey hair and eyes. Her hair stands on end like dandelion fluff. Very floaty and soft.
typical clothing She generally wears shades of green because of the whole Druid cultural thing. These consist of dark green slacks and a long-sleeve tunic with a high military-style collar. (Not like a business shirt, but like some military uniforms.)
personality Yadali is somewhat erratic. She's friendly and outgoing, but is too much of a free spirit to stay involved in tasks that bore her, or talk to people who don't interest her. She's very lively and accepting of crazy city-people, but when it comes to preventing other sentient creatures from interfering with the natural order, she's more militant than most Druids. She does eat meat, as to do otherwise would be an arrogant assumption that she is somehow above the natural order. Since she values plants, animals and people equal, she has also been known to engage in what might be considered cannibalism by some.
religious beliefs Yadali, when she chooses to affiliate herself with anyone, tends to follow Wistaire, the elemental lord of air.
drunk type Lively. Likes to cast magic.
other She's generally found in the company of a red fox named Alex. Technically it's Sir Alex, but he's pretty laidback about it. You can get away with Alex.


Yadali was found some distance outside the Tuathan settlement shortly after their community was founded. The Wild Guard found her in a fox den, and took her back to their people. The child was brought before an emergency meeting of the Druid council. They elected that primary care of the child be given to the Benshas, but it was made clear she was the daughter of the community, not of Hare and Namil. She was not given the surname of any Tuathan family. Her surname Volpecula was more of a title and an allusion to her origins. Yadali Volpecula's fox family was welcomed by the Tuathans as an expression of the sacred bond between themselves and their environment. Yadali herself is rarely seen without at least one of them by her side.

At a young age Yadali was already breaking down barriers between the Tuathans and other Druid communities. Many Druids who know nothing of Tuatha nevertheless know the name Yadali. The enthusiastic if somewhat erratic girl brought her people further into the public view when she started following a group of adventurers who were visiting a nearby Druid village. Their names were Rildyn, Ardam Elmine, Corrigan Heavensent, and Myrnal Shalienza. She followed them for a couple of weeks but didn't see any reason to make her presence known until the group was in combat with a prismatic dragon. The opportunity was too interesting to pass up. She threw her lot in with them, and found that outsiders can be a lot of fun when they used their magic to help her in the fight. She did fully intend to keep her distance, but when she simply waved goodbye and started off again, the adventurers insisted on knowing who she was.

Yadali's subsequent involvement with these people marked the first collaborative effort between the Tuathans and anyone else at all. She helped in the battle to stop a necromancer from taking control of the area. Aware that her people had a stake in the conflict (and a deep-seated hatred of all undead), Yadali offered their services to the Doman military as guides and supplemental troops. General Hakaril Silvar was able to persuade the Tuathan forces to participate, and Yadali's passion for Volt Cola prompted trade agreements between the Druids and an Enchufan inventor named Chandler Sablemech.

Because Yadali judges all of her impulses and behavior by comparing them with what she observes in the natural world, her actions and statements often seem completely random to her friends. However, the logic beneath them is that her instincts and impulses were given to her by nature for a reason, and to deny them only for discipline's sake is to deny her connection to Gaera itself.

Yadali's personal goals are colored strongly by the prophecy her people believe surrounds her birth. According to Tuathan legend, a leader would come from nature itself to bless the community with nature's strength and wisdom. This leader would also be blessed with great fertility, and from her would come the next generation of Tuathan leaders. Yadali was raised with the knowledge that this means her. As a result, her normally-erratic behavior becomes more disciplined when it comes to romantic involvement. She does not date casually, as it's highly-likely that the prophesied fertility would make any brief love affairs highly problematic. Yadali intends to mate for life, and must therefore choose someone with the loyalty and dedication to actually spend his life with her, fathering her children and helping her govern her people.

Yadali assumes that most "city men" are not up for that kind of a relationship, so while she's always got her eyes open for a potential partner, she has little hope of finding one in any of the distant lands she visits.


Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Yadali (Kai) Level: 1 XP: 0/0
Max HP: 70/70 Max MP: 65/65 Max TP: 28/28
Initiative: 3+ 2d6


Courage: +3
Wisdom: +1
Intuition: +4
Charisma: +0
Dexterity: +2
Agility: +2
Strength: +2
Stamina: +3
Magic Aptitude: 4

Base AT/PA - 10/10
Modified for armor - 10/10
Modified for skill - 13/11
Modified for weapon - 14/10

Body=Leather Bracers - AC 5

Weapon Damage - 8/10/x
•Light: 14 + 1d6
•Medium: 18 + 2d6 (-2 penalty)

Base Missile Evasion - 18+d20
Base MDEF - 20+d20


[k]Herb knowledge - 4
[k]Survival - 4
[k]Nature - 4
[s]Animal affinity - 4
[s]Climbing - 4
[s]Stealth - 2

Air Magic - 4
Druid Magic - 4
Transmutation - 4

Rapier - 4
Tracking - 3

Spells and Techs

    • [Innate] Mark of the Slain - Due to Yadali's quasi-religious significance to her people, any person who causes her death will
    be astrally marked as a result of his/her action. This mark can generally only be seen by Tuathans, so it isn't even visible to most Igalan Druids. This mark is distinctive enough that a Tuathan who encounters this person will immediately know what the killer has done. Reactions vary according to circumstances.
    • [Air=1]Gas Breathing (8 MP) - Allows Yadali to breathe any gas for (rank*10) minutes. This does not prevent any effects the
    gas may have besides hypoxia, such as chlorine.
    • [Air=1]Aero (10 MP) - Deals 5+rank*2+1d6 air damage to all enemies within a 10 foot corridor in front of Yadali.
    • [Air=4]Aero 2 (24 MP) - Deals 10+rank*4+3d6 air damage to all within a 10 foot corridor in front of Yadali.
    • [Air=4]Liquid Breathing (10 MP) - Allows Yadali to breathe any liquid for (rank*3) minutes. This does not prevent any effects
    the liquid may have besides hypoxia, such as acid.
    • [Druid Magic=1]Choking Brambles (7 MP) - Causes a web of thorny vines to erupt from the ground, entangling opponents. Deals
    8+2*rank+1d6 damage, and roll a d6. On a 5 or 6, target cannot take action this round.
    • [Druid Magic=1]Speak with Animal (0 MP) - Druids can speak with any animal, with little effort. Yadali tends to try and
    communicate with them in their own language if at all possible rather than using telepathy.
    • [Druid Magic=3, Animal Affinity=3]Control Animal (20 MP) - By using this, Yadali can take mental control of any animal and
    make it change its allegiances to be friendly to her. This animal will obey any and all commands. The definition of "animals" includes things like bears, wolves, and the like, not humans, goblins, giant slimes, etc.
    • [Druid=2, Transmutation=1] Alter Wood (8 MP) - Yadali can cause wood to bend and warp, changing its shape or permanently
    destroying its straightness, form, and strength. A warped door springs open (or becomes stuck, requiring a Strength check to open, at your option). A boat or ship springs a leak. Warped ranged weapons are useless. A warped melee weapon causes a -4 penalty on attack rolls. Alternatively, she can unwarp wood (effectively warping it back to normal) with this spell, straightening wood that has been warped by this spell or by other means.
    • [Transmutation=3] Rusting Grasp (8 MP) - Any iron or iron alloy item she touches becomes instantaneously rusted, pitted, and
    worthless, effectively destroyed. If the item is magical, the spell does not function.
    • [Druid=4, Transmutation=4] Basic Wild Shape (35 MP, 4TP) - Yadali can take the forms of a limited number of animal forms that
    she knows well. These are limited to fox, bear, and horse shapes. When Yadali uses wild shape, her physical stats change that to match those of her adopted form; additionally, she recovers her health to the maximum for that animal. Any equipment being worn melds into her form and is unusable unless it could somehow be manipulated by the new form.
    • [Transmutation=4] Alter self (10 MP) - Using this spell, Yadali can change her physial form to that of another humanoid. This
    may be a humanoid she has met or one she makes up herself. Her physical stats do not change.
    • [Druid=4] Natural Spell (3 TP) - Yadali is capable of casting spells even when she is in animal form. Add the TP cost of this
    ability to the spell being cast. Unless she is using this ability, Yadali cannot cast spells while polymorphed into any of her wild shapes.
    • [Rapier=2]Precise Striking (2 TP) - Uses DEX to determine weapon damage bonuses instead of STR and eliminates all penalties to
    hit other than those caused by magical debuffs for one round. Heavy attacks are impossible when using Precise Striking.
    • [Rapier=2]Defender's Stance (1 TP) - Adds weapon skill rank to all PA rolls made this round. Even if no parry roll is allowed,
    half of the users's weapon skill rank is added to his PA for the remainder of the round. This tech cannot be combined with any other offensive tech, and the user forfeits any bonus attacks (but may use them, instead, as bonus parries).
    • [Rapier=4]Dextrous Striking (2 TP) - Adds DEX to AT a second time for one round.
    • [Druid=4]Gift of Nature (varies) When in a wooded area, Yadali can spend TP to regain her MP. TP cost is 1TP/10MP.

Animal Stats for Wild Shape Stuff Brown Bear Damage: 2 Claws 18+1d6 or Bite 24+3d6
HP: 85/85 AC: 4
MP: (No change) Initiative: 1+2d6
TP: (No change) MBlock: (No change)
AT/PA: 16/12 MAttack: (No change)
Move: 4
Physical Stats: STR +5, AGI +0, DEX +0, STA +5.

Light Horse Damage: Hoof 20+1d6 (at -4)
HP: 70/70 AC: 2
MP: (No change) Initiative: 5+2d6
TP: (No change) MBlock: (No change)
AT/PA: 10/10 MAttack: (No change)
Move: 10
Physical Stats: STR +3, AGI +4, DEX +0, STA +3.

Red Fox Damage: Bite 6+1d6
HP: 35/35 AC: 0
MP: (No change) Initiative: 6+2d6
TP: (No change) MBlock: (No change)
AT/PA: 8/16 MAttack: (No change)
Move: 5
Physical Stats: STR -1, AGI +5, DEX +3, STA +0.