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Kerov is not without his secrets. Among them is his former fiance, Kaelick. His relationship with her ended after his death. He chose not to tell her that he returned to life as an angel in the employ of Mithra, and having moved from Doma City to return north to her family, Kae has not found out since. Since then, Kerov is very cautious of being seen when in close proximity to Riva, as his "ressurection" didn't change his appearance.

Something Kerov also hides is his illegitimate daughter, Vizel, that he had with Kae. She is roughly five years old now, lives with her mother, and knows almost nothing about her father other than he was an elf, is dead, and was far less holy than he would lead you to believe.

Kerov hides these secrets with a vengeance. There is only a small, select few that know about these, and his wife is not one of them. Kerov trained in several techniques to create mental blocks that keep these secrets from prying psi's/mages/telepathics, though if one knows these two secrets, he can be blackmailed. Careful, however. Blackmail is not the mark of the Just, and as Kerov says, "spit in my face, and soon you'll have a river flowing at yours." - Kerov 13:33, 12 February 2007 (PST)

Kerov keeps a trophy case, and usually takes a piece to remember his best kills by. This case is filled with assorted limbs of various creatures, but his proudest moments are encapsulated alone. Among them (preserved by magic, of course) is the head of Dhargun, a claw from an unknown adversary, and his masterpiece, one of the Horns of Malachias. This horn is carefully handled, surrounded at all times by Holy energy to keep any pervading darkness from invading anywhere. Most people are disgusted with the sort of trophies Kerov keeps, so it's not a well known fact. However, if he destroys a foe he determined was worthy, he'll cut a piece off and preserve it.

(In GURPS terms, this would probably be a negative reaction from those that know of it.)

And you said in From the Ashes he made a space for Dawn. Lovely. -Kai 08:27, 21 February 2007 (PST)