Stephan Tornas

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Pessimisting and violent-prone mercenary.

Stephan and Joss by Lithaladhwen.jpg
Full Name Stephan Hyral Tornas
RP World Gaera Main
Birthplace Baron
Current Residence Varies, mostly in Doma City
Occupation Mercenary
Family Midoku Tornas (husband), Daniel Hyral (brother), Shelia Hyral (mother), Alexander Hyral (father, deceased), Kyra Hyral (sister-in-law), Austin Hyral (nephew), Alicia Hyral (neice)
Race Human
Physical Description Stands at approximately 5'11". Green eyes. Light skinned. Hair is brown, short and mangy. Build is toned, but not overly muscular.
Typical Clothing Light blue body armor, with black shirt and pants underneath. Wears a dark blue cape, along with a matching headband to hold back some of his hair. Typically weilds a greatsword.
Personality The world can be a terrible place. If you're not a little bit terrible in return, it'll chew you up and spit you out. That tends to be his underlying philosophy, much to the dismay of others. With people he's familiar with, or cares about somewhat, he will make 'some' attempts at civility. Strangers, however, have the 'honor' of hearing his full, uncensored opinions about the topic at hand. Midoku is one of the few who can coax his optimistic side into being, albeit for brief periods.
Religious Beliefs The Gods can barely keep track of their own business, why the hell should people try to rely on them? He also believes that Nakibe is evil incarnate, even if that's only true some of the time.
Drunk Type Affectionate
Other Nothing at this time.