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(rp world)
Esperanza "Shakti" Messiah
(Gaera Main)
1467AD (age 22)
Madrid, Spain.
current residence Doma
occupation Anthropologist/brothel guard
family Cardinal (brother), Paolo Messiah (father), Maria Messiah (mother), Juan Messiah (brother, deceased), Juan Goffredo Ovidio Domingo Messiah(nephew), Farida Testarossa-Messiah(sister-in-law)
race Human
typical clothing Shakti is nearly always seen in a midnight-blue sari with a kukri at her waist for good measure.
personality Shakti is mean.
religious beliefs She hates Catholicism. Most monotheistic religions are unfortunately painted with the same brush in her mind. Most Gaeran gods are okay by her, though. At least, none of them have pissed her off yet. That may come with time, but for now she's on pretty good terms with them.
drunk type Hostile.
other Weapon Name: Ksama (mercy)
Inscription on the blade: En el nombre de dios el compasivo, el misericordioso
Associated with the DPG.


We're all happier if I just link the backstory thread.

Evaluation by DPG Member Sanjaya

When I agreed to forego retirement in favor of my current position, I should have realized the gravity of my assignment. Recruits like Esperanza Messiah always remind me. DPG members have access to power with which most people could not be trusted. Certain safeguards must be in place to assure that new members are prepared for the responsibilities of their respective positions.

Miss Messiah initially made me very concerned. I had been briefed before she arrived, but was given no specific information beyond the fact that she and another member had been involved in some unfortunate legal/religious circumstances. I was told that the girl in my care had quite probably been tortured nearly to death by the Spanish Inquisition, the same authorities responsible for the death of her younger brother. I was also informed that these events were largely due to the actions of her older brother, who was recruited with Miss Messiah.

As I stated, I had doubts as to whether I could really prepare her for her duties. However, we take the assignments we're given.

When she arrived, I was not in the least surprised by her demeanor. She behaved more like a frightened animal than a human being and would not tolerate physical contact with anyone.

I was pleased to note in her interactions with her escorts that beneath the anger and the fear there was no reservoir of self-pity to contend with. After I dismissed her attendants, I introduced myself and informed her that we were to spend no less than one week in silence. It was important that she have time to become accustomed to me, and I to her.

When the routines of my life became familiar to her, we began to speak. I could not see the scars on her body but I could hear them in her voice and in the way she moved.

I spent a day telling Miss Messiah about the DPG. She seemed disdainful of our goals initially, and remarked that the DPG was taking too much power onto itself. She asked me who would be there to stop the Guild from taking over once it had members placed on several hundred dimensions. I could not answer her question immediately, nor could I expect her to place her faith in yet another well-intentioned centralized authority comprised of flawed individuals.

She was disinclined to speak of her experiences in her own country, so I thought it best not to press her on the subject. I began taking her with me to visit a group of ascetics with whom I happen to be acquainted. I translated the prayers and chants for her, and she seemed interested in what she was hearing of Hinduism, but seemed better suited to what I told her of Buddhism. I was correct in my assumption that the sanctioned castes and jati system would not appeal to her, but it occurred to me that the introspection of Buddhism might be useful in helping her cope with recent events in her life.

My estimation seemed to be correct, and as she proceeded in her exercises she seemed to have less trouble sleeping. Once her nightmares no longer kept both of us awake, I was reassured that intensive meditation might be an answer for this particular young woman.

One night during supper she asked me how I had lost my eyesight. When I told her she was silent for the rest of the meal. She cleaned the dishes and began to tell me how she had ended up with the DPG. She talked for more than an hour and when she was done I told her I had thought of an answer to her question. By then she'd forgotten exactly what I meant, but I reminded her of our conversation about the potential dangers of the DPG. I told her that she was right, organizations who don't answer to anyone are easily corrupted. "But it will be watched, and it will always be supervised," I told her. "By members like you." She scowled at me as she always does, but I think it was the right answer.

Miss Messiah is not the warmest or friendliest member with whom I've been assigned to work, but I have faith in her ability to fulfill her duties as a member. She has my recommendation and my endorsement provided she trains with her older brother as often as possible. Making her peace with her unfortunate circumstances will be worth less if she does not make her peace with him.

Consultation with me is recommended regarding potential transfers and assignments.



Best Laid Plans

Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Shakti (Kai) Level: 2 XP: 650/1250
Max HP: 56/56 Max MP: 111/111 Max TP: 27/27
Initiative: 3+ 2d6


Courage: +4
Wisdom: +5
Intuition: +6
Charisma: -1
Dexterity: +3
Strength: -1
Stamina: +0
Magic Aptitude: 5

Base AT/PA - 14/14
Modified for armor - n/n
Modified for skill - 17/15
Modified for weapon - 17/15

Body=leather bracers AC 5

Weapon Damage - kukri (7/10/13)
Light - 11+1d6
Medium - 14+2d6 (-2)
Heavy - 17 + 3d6 (-5)

Base MATK - 16
Base MDEF - 24+d20


psychokinesis - 6
star magic - 6
holy Magic - 2
healing magic - 1
spatial magic - 4
writing - 2
weapon (kukri) - 5
perform (piano) - 4
perform (sitar) - 4
[k]anthropology - 5
[k]linguistics - 4
[k]Buddhism - 4
[s]applied anthropological theory - 6
[s]sense motive - 4
[s]pain resistance - 5
~~(+2 COU, reduces penalty for injury by rank/2, character remains conscious up to -rank HP)
[s]applied magical theory - 4

Spells and Techs

    • [Innate, Psychokinesis=4] Whoops! (x MP) - Under extreme emotional stress, Shakti occasionally loses control of her psychokinesis. When she's having a suitable emotional episode, she must make a COU roll versus her MATK+PK rank to hold in her power. Failure usually results in a rank 1 or 2 spell going out of control. She does still pay MP for the spell.
    • [Psychokinesis=1]Kinetic Bolt (4 MP) - Shakti projects a burst of mental force, which deals 6+rank+1d6 damage.
    • [Psychokinesis=2]Empathic Shield (6MP) - Target receives a rank+2 bonus against all mind affecting spells/psionics (Berserk, Pacification, etc) for rank hours.
    • [Psychokinesis=2]Mage Hand (xMP) - Shakti can affect objects in her environment in minor ways at a cost of (lbs moved/2)MP.
    • [Psychokinesis=4]Kinetic Shield (10 MP) - Boosts damage reduction, adding rank AC to any target for 1d6 rounds.
    • [Psychokinesis=4]Telekinesis (16 MP) - By focusing on an object or area, Shakti can lift up to rank*20 pounds of* weight, forcing the amount of matter to move as he chooses. The average human, decked out with equipment, weights 160 lbs. If the target is forcefully thrown into a wall, the damage dealt is half falling damage. This skill can also be used to attack with telekinetic "punches"--for these, calculate punching damage as though the user's strength was her Psychokinesis rank.
    • [Psychokinesis=4] Stun (10 MP) - Freezes target, making them unable to move or speak for 1d4 rounds.
    • [Psychokinesis=5]Scorn Earth (8 MP) - Using this spell, Shakti can float a foot above the ground for rank*minutes. Instead of walking she glides along, unconcerned with the hard earth or difficult terrain. While she remains within 1 foot of a flat surface of any solid or liquid, she can take normal actions and make normal attacks, and can move at her normal speed (she can even “run” without problems). However, at distances higher than 1 foot above any surface, her speed diminishes to 10 feet per round.
    • [Psychokinesis=6, kukri=1]Hand of Kali (10 MP) - Using this spell, Shakti can throw her weapon at her opponent, making a psychokinesis roll (MATK+rank) instead of a ranged attack against the target's missile evasion. The kukri deals medium attack damage and uses her MAG score instead of her strength to determine damage. It returns to Shakti after the attack.
    • [Star Magic=1]Guiding Star (4 MP) No matter her position on Gaera, Shakti can always attune herself to the stars and determine which direction is north.
    • [Star Magic=1]Nova (4 MP) - Spectral energy fries an enemy, dealing 6 + (rank*2) + 1d6 damage.
    • [Star Magic=3]Orion Strike (15 MP) -The power of the stars converges on the battlefield, bombarding all within 15 feet of the caster with its energy. This energy burst deals 14 + (rank*4) + 3d6 damage.
    • [Star Magic=4]Sunbath (14 MP) - The energy of the sun empowers the party, restoring 8 + (rank*3) + 2d8 HP. This can only be used in daylight of some sort.
    • [Star Magic=6]Supernova(26 MP) - The power of a collapsing star amasses in Shakti's hands, allowing her to fry an enemy for 10+rank*3+2d6 damage.
    • [Holy=1]Wrath (6 MP) - Deals 6+rank*2+1d6 holy damage to a single target.
    • [Heal=1]Cure (7 MP) - Heals one target, restoring 8+rank*2+1d6 HP. Some targets may be damaged for the same amount instead (undead, for example) and some may not be affected at all (powerful shadow-based creatures).
    • [Heal=1]Purify (5 MP) - Cures poisoning. The maximum amount of levels of poison that this can cure is equal to Healing Rank/2, with a minimum of 1.
    • [Space=2]Gravity Well (7 MP) - Creates a gravity well over a 4-hex radius. Anyone within the well must succeed in a strength check vs. the casting power in order to resist the effects. Those who fail to resist receive a -3/-3 penalty to AT/PA, and movement is cut in half. Flying creatures who fail to save are grounded by this spell.
    • [Space=4] Aquatic Motion (11 MP) - This spell displaces water molecules around the target, allowing them to move freely in water, as if it was not there. Note that buoyancy is completely eliminated for one who has received this spell. This makes it possible to cause aquatic creatures to sink, or to prevent someone from being able to swim.
    • [kukri=2]Precise Striking (2 TP) - Uses DEX to determine weapon damage bonuses instead of STR and eliminates all penalties to hit other than those caused by magical debuffs for one round. Heavy attacks are impossible when using Precise Striking.
    • [kukri=3]Cry Mercy (4 TP) - Due to the unique design of the kukri, an opponent is hit and then the heavy dropped point digs in on the way across and out. By taking advantage of this design feature, Shakti can decide before her attack to grind the bladed edge into her opponent after her hit, doubling the damage of the initial attack.
    • [kukri=4]Dextrous Striking (2 TP) - Adds DEX to AT a second time for one round.
    • [M-theory=4] Twin Spell (5 TP) Shakti's spell is cast twice in one round, effectively doubling the effects of the spell.