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Selrahc Adanamod is a clone of the king, and is a constant threat to the king and Doma in general.

Character History

Selrahc was originally created as a response to the slew of spammy doppelgangers that were being created on the board, Foenix and Staniel being the most notable members of that group. He quickly gained a reputation as a bad character, period. His creator persisted, and Selrahc migrated his way over to the canon side of things.


Selrahc is identical to the king in every way, having his dark skin, loose black hair, and even build. The two places Selrahc and Charles diverge is in Selrahc's eyes, which are red, and his wings. However, apparently, Selrahc can alter his appearance to become exactly like his genetic donor.


A slightly unbalanced nekojin named Neko (Hey, there are men named Mann) had fallen in love with the king, and attempted to find him and curry his favour. However, before really even meeting him, she was off-put by his personality, and decided he was not worthy of her attention. His FORM, however was, and she set out to make one of her own.

Before security at the castle was so tight, she simply walked by him and stealthily stole a hair of his without his knowing. Hearing the legend that unfertilized dragon eggs can create copies of those whose material they are infused with, she, at great personal risk, stole one, implanted it in the egg, and a few weeks later, a fully formed Selrahc emerged.

Disoriented and even infantile, Neko taught Selrahc about the world, and of his "brother", Charles. Selrahc believed that, due to his uncluttered heritage and "purity", he was the superior man, and that HE should rule in Charles' place. Thus began a campaign against the king, attempting to usurp the throne in many ways.

On the course of his siege, he took a castle, and terrorized the villagers surrounding it over the course of months. Believing they could wash the evil from him, they captured him, and filled him with the spirit of a holy deity, which caused feathered wings to grow on his back. The transformation did not penetrate his soul, and, disgusted with his new holiness, slaughtered the entirety of the village with the power they granted him.

One of the Sinister King's most fiendish plots was when he switched places with the king, kidnapped the princess, and attempted to force the queen to sign over power over Doma to him. He was ultimately unsucessful, but the fallout (putting the king in the much-feared Dungeon Block H) made him a VERY wanted man.

Selrahc would have been content to stay low, but the question of his new powers plagued him. Unsure if he was going to hell or heaven, he set out again, rather suicidally. Thanks to a near-death experience at the hands of a group of concerned citizens, he found out he was indeed headed to hell, something which pleased him. Thanks to it being NEAR-death, and not death, he was hauled away to jail, down the hall from the Anarch family.

Along the way, he married Neko (who he always regarded as more of a lover than a mother), and had a child, Selena.

Eventually, Selrahc bored of the prison life, and finally implemented his exit, which he had in place ever since the incident at the castle. Wishing (he believed) to find a new lair and plan his next move, he stumbled upon the resting place of Eva Valerian, in hibernation after the events of From the Ashes. After an accidental revival, and an ignored squatting, the two got to talking, and she eventually helped him refocus himself on his daughter, who he had not seen in years.

Knowing he could not return to Doma to see her, he headed to Baron, sending letters to his wife to coordinate a rendezvous at the border. Five were sent and not received. Risking all, he headed into Doma, to his home, and found two strangers with his daughter, raising her as if they were their own, and as if they were the worst parents in the world. The house was filthy, and Selena had no toys, tears in her clothes, and dried tears on her face. He confronted them, brandishing his blade angrily, and the tears on her daughter's face were born anew. Placing her outside, he continued the argument till he noticed a wall that did not belong there. In his anger he smashed it, and from it fell a decayed skeleton, wearing his wife's favourite dress.

He returned to Eva's home, covered in blood, cradling his daughter in his arms.

Selrahc ended up staying with Eve, taking the alias Donald Blackwell, and becoming a hunter, selling his kills to the nearby town's butcher. He also started raising the animals, and teaching his combat skills to those who desired it. He and his daughter grew and lived together, and "Don" even found love with Eva, exchanging vows with her in front of a Kazeran priest. It took time to do it, but "Don" found happiness.

Time passed, and one day after Eve took Selena to class, "Don" just fell asleep in his chair. When Eve returned and eventually woke him, he opened bloodshot eyes, not knowing what was wrong with him. Warren was summoned, and diagnosed him. It seemed that his cloned nature was the source of his illness, and his body was degrading slowly. He would live two more months at most.

"Don" send Eve to get his daughter, and in the interim, placed on again his armor, his headgear, and took up his blade. Once they returned, he said goodbye to his wife and daughter, unfurled his wings one last time, and flew to the capital. He landed in the castle square, something like his former self, and pushed through the guards in his path, not killing one, and reached King Charles in his study. He forced the king into combat, asking that he die at Charles' hands, instead of withering away to nothing as Selena watched. Though eventually reluctant, after a fantastic battle, Charles granted his request. Selrahc's body was returned to his family, at his request. The Sinister King, and Don Blackwell, were dead.

Powers and Abilities

Being born from a fire dragon's egg, he was originally blessed with fire magic, which he learned to use on his own to great effect. However, since the villager's transformation, he now wields holy magic to equal effect, though for its destructive capabilities, and rarely, if ever, its benedictive or healing effects. He is also adept with a broadsword. Finally, his wings grant him flight, and he usually uses his flight, his magic, and his sword in conjuction, making him a deadly opponent.


I'm listening...

Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Selrahc Adanamod(KoD) Level 2; 0/1000 XP
Max HP: 75; Max MP: 52; Max TP: 36
Initiative: 3+ 2d6


Courage: +4
Wisdom: +2
Intuition: +3
Charisma: 1
Dexterity: +1
Agility: +1
Strength: +5
Stamina: +3
Magic Aptitude: 2

Base AT/PA - 13/13
Modified for armor - 13/12
Modified for weapon - 11/12

Body=Mythril Chain (AC 10)

Weapon Damage - Claymore (13/19/25, -2/-1)

Light: ?+ 2d6
Medium: ?+ 3d6
Heavy: ?+ 4d6

Base MATK - 7
Base MDEF - 26
Base MISEV - 15


Fire Magic - 2
Holy Magic - 5
Swords - 4
Shields - 2
Torture Techniques(s) - 3
Hunting - 3
Survival - 3
Summoning - 4
Flight Techniques - 2
Psychology(k) - 4
Ranching(k) - 4
Resilience(s) - 4

Spells and Techs

    • [Flight=1] Hover (1 TP/rd) - Selrahc hovers above the battlefield, becoming a flying creature. Earth spells have no effect, wind/air spells are doubly effective AND negates Hover for the next turn. +2 is added to PA and Missile Dodge.
    • [Resilience=1] Resilience (1 TP) Any successful attacks on Selrahc are reduced by 10%.
    • [Fire=1]Fire (4 MP) - Does 8+rank*2+1d6 fire damage to a single target.
    • [Holy=1]Lightblast (6 MP) - Deals 6+rank*2+1d6 holy damage to a single target.
    • [Holy=4]Lightbeam (15 MP) - Deals 14+rank*4+2d6 holy damage to a single target.
    • [Summoning=1]Summoner's Mark (4 MP) - "Marks" an item with a sigil or arcane insignia. The sigil does not have to be visible. In order to summon an item to her person that she owns, Selrahc must have first marked it. Marks are permanent unless dispelled.
    • [Summoning=1] Dark Cherub (14 MP) A tiny angel, with pale skin, greasy black hair, and shredded black robes fires arrows at an enemy, doing 10+1d10 damage. Has a 20% chance of charming the target. (Charmed command: Attack the fiends you once called ally, and show no mercy!)
    • [Summoning=2] Plague Locusts (22 MP) (rank*10) of locusts fly at the enemy party, doing d3 damage per locust to 3 enemies, who are attacked by equal amounts of the locusts.
    • [Summoning=3] Devil Dog (35 MP) A fiery black hound is summoned, with flaming paws and tail, doing 20+rank*6+3d6 damage/turn. 20% chance of Igniting the target.

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