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(rp world)

(Gaera Main)
current residence Gunnir Academy
occupation Brass rackets instructor
family Donald Blackwell (father, deceased), Neko (mother, deceased), Eve Blackwell (stepmother)
race Half-nekojin, quarter human, quarter celestial. Best not to question it. It isn't her fault.
physical description There's a picture! Other than that, dark skin, dark yellowish eyes, dark brown/black hair and fur on her ears. Generally is impeccably-groomed, right down to pedicures and careful manicuring of the slight claws she inherited from her mother.
typical clothing Button-up shirts that could probably stand to... be less-tailored to her form. Slacks. Or skirts.
personality To a great extent, Selena is a spoiled daddy's girl. Her redeeming quality lies in that she also spoils other people. Just as she buys herself things, she likes getting things for other people. Tends to express affection through gifts.
religious beliefs None. She can't imagine why anyone would bother. I mean, either mortals are in charge of their lives or they aren't. Going to the gods implies that they have the final say, and that just isn't their place. They can take their crazy god-power and keep it to themselves, thanks.
drunk type Goofy and easily amused.


Until she was about three, Selena lived with her mother, Neko. At that point, her mother died of a long, protracted illness and she was taken by a couple who wanted the child for themselves. Telling her that her mother didn't want her anymore, they promised to care for her. Their promises were... somewhat less than genuine, but as Selena was so young during this period, it left little behind in her memory. Her father could also be credited for this. After his escape from the Doman castle dungeon, Selrahc Adanamod came to reclaim his daughter. Finding his wife dead and Selena with these foster parents, Selrahc killed the two and took Selena back to his temporary residence with Eve Valerian. Selena and her father took new names, becoming Donald Blackwell and Selena Blackwell.

Selena spent the rest of her childhood and adolescence with these two. Selena grew up very much the center of attention in her home. Her father doted on her, and even Eve did her best to spoil the girl when Don wasn't looking. Her father, not wanting to be considered a charity case, impressed upon Selena the importance of standing on her own, of not depending on the kindness of others as long as her own abilities can get her by.

When her father married Eve, Selena was nearly ten. The marriage itself made little difference to the girl, as for years the three had already been one family in Selena's mind. She didn't remember her biological mother in any definite sense, but Eve had been here for a while, and there was every indication that she'd always be there. Selena didn't need anything else.

Her father was always highly protective of her, to the degree that many of her friends (particularly male friends) were too afraid of him to visit her at home. However, she had been taught all too well that relying on others was a sign of weakness. She feared that if she could not fend for herself, if she depended on her father to protect her, that she would never earn his respect, that if he took care of her forever he would never be proud of her.

So, rather than focusing on the study of magic, which had always felt unreliable and intangible to her, she concentrated on what she could do with her own body. She took an interest in athletics, and found that her limited magical talent ruled out most magical study. She found some magic worth the extra effort, but it was always to augment her own "natural" abilities.

She was involved on sports teams, and got decent grades in school. Selena wasn't the most brilliant child in her town, but her athletic interests had taught her discipline and a good work ethic from an early age. She had to fight the tendency to consider everything a competition, preferring the rare occasions when the game was more important than the outcome. She never quite got rid of the nagging desire to win at all costs, but over a period of years, she managed to rationalize it away a bit.

Her attendance at Gunnir academy was a turning point for her. She was by far not the most talented student there, magically-speaking. However, almost immediately she fell in love with brass rackets, a sport that required some magical aptitude, but Selena could compensate by drawing on her athletic background.

It was while she was at Gunnir that and in the space of one day her father fell ill, left her and Eve, and challenged Charles Domanada to a fight Donald knew he must lose. Charles Domanada made his first and last visit to the Blackwell residence to bring Donald Blackwell's remains back to his family.

Selena was totally at a loss for several months,and it wasn't for several weeks that anyone outside the family knew what was wrong. Her teachers expressed concern that the normally-outgoing and popular girl was coming to class, sitting quietly in the back, and then leaving without a word to anyone. Her coaches were confused and worried to find her skipping practice.

Once the adults in her life knew what had happened to her, the problem became much clearer. It had always been evident to others that Selena was a bit of a daddy's girl. Despite the man himself being somewhat reclusive, no friend of Selena's could go a day without noting the girl's affection for her family. The loss of the man who had, to a large extent, determined the progression of her life was nothing less than devastating.

The final straw was when they were discussing the exploits of Selrahc Adanamod in one of her classes. A boy in class laughed and expressed a sincere hope that the maniac was finally dead so that he couldn't pester anybody anymore. Selena quietly stood, picked up a chair, and put him through a wall.

Selena's stepmother was called to school to consult with Selena's teachers about what may be wrong. It was then that Eve explained to them the identity of her late husband. Understanding Selena's reaction, but unwilling to excuse such violent behavior, they required Selena to talk with a school official at least once a week after school. She skipped the meetings to vent her emotions lifting weights.

Taking another approach, Eve transferred her stepdaughter away from that school and arranged for Selena to see several martial arts instructors until they found a fit. It was then that Selena began to supplement the instruction her father had given her with more formalized techniques.

Honing her combat skills gave her a chance to work through her anger with professionals who were more than capable of preventing her from doing any serious damage to anyone. Getting one or two good beatings in the course of her instruction gave her a sense of the consequences of her actions.

This, combined with the loss of her father, gave Selena a profound distaste for causing suffering to others. Many would say her father "deserved" to die, but to her, he was a good man, and one who had always put his family first. To Selena, the worth of a mortal life is all a matter of perspective, and one person is never qualified to judge it. Killing is a crude and destructive solution to any problem. After all, who would try to wash out a bloodstain by rubbing in more blood? Despite an ability to do so, Selena has never killed anything sentient.

Mainly as a result of her stepmother's connections in Gunnir Academy's psionics department, Selena was given an athletic scholarship to play on the school's brass rackets team.

After her education, she found that her focus on the sport and her love of the school environment was holding her interest still. She was offered a position as an instructor and coach for Gunnir's brass rackets team. She lives there with her students and is a vocal proponent for competitions against other magical academies and even teams on other continents.



Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Selena Blackwell (Kai) Level: 1 XP: 0/1000
Max HP: 65/65 Max MP: 40 Max TP: 22/22
Initiative: 4+ 2d6


Courage: +2
Wisdom: +2
Intuition: +2
Charisma: +2
Dexterity: +2
Strength: +4
Stamina: +2
Magic Aptitude: 2

Base AT/PA - 11/11
Modified for armor - n/n
Modified for skill - 15/11
Modified for weapon - n/n


Weapon Damage - unarmed (8/12/16) +1 light claws
Light - 9+1d6
Medium - 13+2d6 (-2)
Heavy - 17+3d6 (-5)

Weapon Damage - brass knuckles (12/16/20) +1 light claws
Light - 13+1d6
Medium - 17+2d6 (-2)
Heavy - 21+3d6 (-5)

Base MATK - 6
Base MDEF - 16+d20
Missile evasion - 18+d20


28/28 points spent

benediction magic - 4
metabolic magic - 4
weapon sundering - 2(Str/Str/Cou)
weapon(claymore) - 1 (Str/Cou/Agi) horse riding/equestrian - 2 (Cou/Dex/Agi)
two-handed fighting - 4
unarmed fighting - 4 (Agi/Dex/Str)
[s]Advanced Parry (Agi) - 4 (Agi=2; adds +1/rank to PA rolls)
[s]brass rackets - 4 (Agi/Dex/Sta)
[s]survival - 2 (Int/Wis/Sta)
[s]teaching - 4 (Wis/Int/Cha)


    • [Benediction=1]Sharpen (8 MP) - Boosts the damage of a weapon by +rank for rank rounds.
    • [Benediction=3]Center (10 MP) - Boosts a target's PA by +rank for rank rounds.
    • [Benediction=4]Align (12 MP) - Boosts a target's AT by +rank for rank rounds.
    • [Metabolism=1]Sustenance ( MP) - Go without food or water for rank/2 days.
    • [Metabolism=1]Endurance (8 MP) - Selena can give herself a bonus of +rank for endurance checks such as swimming, running, or holding her breath.
    • [Metabolism=1]Great Voice (4 MP) - Selena can be heard clearly and distinctly by everyone she can see, even at a great distance. Self only. Commonly used for noisy brass rackets tournaments.
    • [Metabolism=2]Deafen (3 MP) - Caster and anything she carries become immune to the effects of sound: Thunderclaps won't deafen her, sonic weapons won't harm her, sound cannot distract her, etc. Essentially, she's deaf for rank rounds unless she dismisses it early. Occasionally used to ignore people she dislikes. "Talk to the hand, because the face can't hear you anymore."
    • [Metabolism=2]Oblivious (8 MP) - Selena can reduce her penalties for injury by rank/2 by making herself impervious to pain. However, this means she is unable to tell how extensively she has been injured. There is a chance of rank*5% that she will worsen her injuries to 1.5% of their previous state while under the effects of this spell.
    • [Metabolism=3]Empathic transfer (8 MP) - Transfer a target's injuries to yourself for a period of rank rounds.
    • [Metabolism=4]Thicken Skin (6 MP) - Gain +rank AC for rank rounds. Self only.
    • [Metabolism=4]Mental disruption (8 MP) - Selena forces her thoughts to become unreasonable and disorganized, giving her a +rank to her COU and -rank to her WIS.
    • [Metabolism=4]Just a Flesh Wound (9 MP) - Selena can heal herself of 8+rank*2+1d6 HP. Self only.
    • [Metabolism=5]Sensitize (13 MP) - Selena intensifies the sensory experience of her target, and every sensation becomes uncomfortable. The touch of the wind is irritating, and even the slightest injury is a cause of intense agony. Subject takes a -2 AT/PA for rank rounds.
    • [Metabolism=5]Sensory Focus (12 MP) - Selena can enhance the use of her sense organs, giving her a bonus of +rank to observation checks for rank rounds. Self only.
    • [Metabolism=6]Suspend life (30 MP) - Selena can place herself into a trance so deep that her vital signs cease and magic can only detect her lifeforce if the caster makes an opposed MATK roll. She feels the passage of one year as if it were a day, and if she chooses to dispel this effect the trance ends rank*2 rounds later. Self only.


    • [Unarmed combat=3]Driving strike (2 TP) - Adds STR to AT a second time for one round.
    • [Unarmed combat=3]Crushing blow (3 TP) - Adds STR*2 to Selena's damage for one round.
    • [Unarmed combat=4]Autokinetics (3 TP) - By predicting her opponent's responses to her attacks, Selena can lead them into vulnerable positions, allowing an extra attack.
    • [Unarmed combat=4]Offensive mindset (2 TP) - On a sucessful parry roll, Selena can choose to strike her opponent instead of simply shoving off their attack. This attack deals half the damage of a normal strike, but can be executed as an immediate action.
    • [Weapon sundering=1]Other kids' toys (3 TP) - Selena can make an attack against an enemy's weapon instead of the enemy himself. On a successful roll, the weapon is damaged and deals (rank*5)% less damage. Multiple uses of this tech stack.