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A reaper is a minor agent of Reshtaha who actively engages in the collection of dead souls.


Typically, Reshtaha picks out his reapers out of dead souls who have gained his attention. Typically, it is through being a devout follower, being particularly respectful of death, or being simply too hard to place in an underworld location. However, if a person truly impresses them in life, he will pick them early to enter service as a reaper (as he did with Ayra du Mythril and Zea Mazuo.)

The Job

Upon finishing training, the reaper is given their reaping schedule, complete with names, locations, causes of death, and any other pertinent information. Once death is achieved, the soul is collected, whether from the body, from around the surrounding location, or catching if it has decided to wander or run out of confusion or fear. The soul is then brought to Processing, where they're calmed down and prepared for entry to the afterlife by Kevin, the secretary to the great beyond.

In the case of massacres, a device called the Multiple Soul Collector, or MSC, is used, which deploys a scythelike blade on a chain, which "snags" all souls in its path.

Powers and Abilities

In the course of their job, reapers are given many powers with which to silently and effectively acquire their target. These include (but can be not limited to) invisibility, flight, intangibility, weapon summoning, hourglass vision (being able to determine the time of death for any soul), and memory manipulation.

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