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Total Points: 157.5
Total Points: 157.5
Mech: [[RHbA-s1 "Sturmpanzer MkII" (Oxblood Custom)]], formerly the GK-88 Jarga
! Advantages<br> and <br>Disadvantages
! Advantages<br> and <br>Disadvantages

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Oxblood Gnashrak is a member of the Delta Unit of the Magitek Armored Corps, an orc, with the rank of Machinist Private. He originally piloted a mech of his own design, the Jarga.


Oxblood in his Heromachined glory.

Oxblood originally trained at MAC Igala A, and was called to Delta Unit when matters became serious at Mac Igala D. Due to his full embrace of his orc musk, he has grinded against fellow squad members Zeiren and Serran, and in particular Makura Kuragari.

Unfortunately, on his first mission against the mysterious mechs that had been attacking the area, his beloved mech was destroyed, their weapons ripping through the ablative armor. He barely survived the destruction, afterwards eschewing his previous dislike of energy and plasma-based technology.

After evidence was found (by Delta Unit, no less) that the mechs in question were ghost-symbiote hybrids, and that they could only be produced by three companies, Oxblood convinced the rest of the unit to check out SentanCorp, the company owned by Makura's family, first, citing their being the premier Tek-unit producer, and Makura's leave of absence. As it so happened, he was right, Makura's sister Elsa being at the head of the operation.


Oxblood's temperance is a mix of tradition and modern ideas. He is still closely tied to his orcish roots, still wielding an ancient axe passed down to him by his father. However, he greatly enjoys playing video games, working on his mech, and playing his bass guitar.

He finds most of his life's value in battle, and can get bored with the procedural nature of the military, seeing it as a necessary impediment to battle, but an impediment nonetheless. When he does do battle, however, he enjoys himself immensely, letting himself get caught up in the thrill of it.

MAC Necessaries

Here goes nothing...

Race: Orc

Player: KingOfDoma
5'10", 200 lbs, green skin, black hair and eyes

ST: 15 IQ: 12 Move: 6
DX: 13 HT: 12

Total Points: 157.5

Mech: RHbA-s1 "Sturmpanzer MkII" (Oxblood Custom), formerly the GK-88 Jarga


Absolute Direction (5 points)
Acute Hearing+5 / Hears on 17 (10 points)
Alcohol Tolerance (5 points)
Extra Hit Points+1 (0 point)

Appearance - Unattractive (-5 points)
Bad Smell (-10 points)
Bad Temper (-10 points)
Sleepwalker (-5 points)
Social Stigma: Minority Group (-10 points)

Skills Axe/Mace-15 [DX+2] (8 points)

Blacksmith/TL-10 [IQ-2] (0.5 point)
Brawling-14 [DX+1] (1 point)
Climbing-10 [DX-3] (0 point)
Electronics Operation/TL(Runs the electronic systems in his mech.)-11 [IQ-1] (1 point)
Engineer/TL-13 [IQ+1] (6 points)
Fast-Draw-14 [DX+1] (2 points)
Gunner/TL(Ballistic Weapons)-13 [DX] (0.5 point)
Gunner/TL(Energy Weapons)-13 [DX] (0.5 point)
Guns/TL-16 [DX+3] (2 points)
Mechanic/TL(Repairs his mech.)-11 [IQ-1] (1 point)
Musical Instrument(Plays the bass guitar.)-10 [IQ-2] (1 point)
Piloting (aircraft type)(Pilots a mecha)-14 [DX+1] (4 points)

Possessions ARMOR

1 Boots [3 lb]: PD(2) PD/Imp(0) DR(2) DR/Imp(0) COVERS(15-16)
1 Middle-class clothing (tunic/pants) [1 lb]: PD(0) PD/Imp(0) DR(0) DR/Imp(0) COVERS()

1 Axe [4 lb]: Damage(cut/sw+2) Skill(Axe/Mace-15)
1 Backpack, large [10 lb]
1 Tool kit (for mechanics) [40 lb]