Ode Sparrowmoon

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Played by Flameraven.

Name: Ode Sparrowmoon RP World: Gaera Main Birthdate: Oct. 31st (equivalent) Birthplace: unknown Age: 27 Current residence: unknown Occupation: Wanderer, fallen monk* Family: Aede Sparrowmoon (sister) Race: Human Physical description: Stands at an average height of 5’5”, with short, shaggy black hair. Her face is hidden by an ivory mask. Typical Clothing: Loose shirt over pants tucked into knee-high boots, and cloak. Usually wears shades of blue and grey. Personality: Quiet and withdrawn for the most part, though she can be quite sarcastic at times (most notably towards Hakaril). It takes a fair amount of time for her to feel comfortable around other people, and she rarely opens up to anyone. But once you gain her trust, she is friendly enough.

Fighting Style: Primarily defensive/evasive, long range. Specializes in stealth (invisibility, silence) and illusion. Weapons of choice are a pair of long knives, although she’s skilled with a quarterstaff as well. Religious Beliefs: Is quite aware of the existence of spirits, though she’s never run into any gods. She is less than inclined to appeal to any supernatural forces for aid, but occasionally will pay her respects to (the moon god) and (the god of roads) Drunk Type: unknown

History/Background: Ode was presumably born somewhere in the northwest of Igala, possibly in the town of Everingshal. However, she and her sister, Aede, were orphaned at a young age, and were taken in by the monks of the Shirasagi temple, some ways southwest of Everingshal. When Ode was about thirteen, she ran afoul of some malicious spirits in the graveyard outside the temple. This encounter was both a curse and a blessing: she gained the ability to use magic and see in the dark; but the spirits who attacked her continued to haunt her, and she was pushed to the edge of insanity by waking nightmares before a solution was found in the form of her mask. The mask hid her identity from the spirits who sought her, while allowing her to see the spirits themselves.

The monks cared for her while she was recovering, but then regretfully asked her to leave. Her presence drew all kinds of spirits to her, and brought bad luck to the temple. She left, traveling first with her sister and then alone, gaining slow control over her abilities and looking for a way to be rid of the curse and her mask. She still has yet to find a solution, but in the meantime has picked up a rather impressive range of knowledge and lore regarding spirits, ghosts, and other strange arcana.