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domain justice
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original creator/expert AdamSquintz
tie-ins Doma

"Symbol is a bolt of lightning held by a fist."

Mithra is the God of Justice, though not as well known as the rest of the pantheon of gods. Mithra is fine with that, however. Since Mithra stands for justice, many paladins choose to honor him as their chosen deity. Though there are many paladins for the other gods, Mithran Paladins consider themselves "true" Paladins, or holy warriors. This arrogance is usually prevalent among his more devout followers, with a few exceptions.

The Mithril Council

Mithra's will on Gaera is wrought by four specific individuals, each given a title. Though all four are considered Paladins, they are actually quite varied in actual profession. Their title denotes what their major job function is. All paladins of Mithra tend to defer to these "senior" members of the Mithril Order (Mithra's name for his organization on Gaera, as Mithril is a metal that is strong and desired, as Mithra believes justice should be. Kerov, however, enjoys the title because his wife's surname is du Mithril, and he never misses an opportunity to enjoy an good injoke.)

The Eye - As Mithra is not able to meddle in the affairs of mortals, he is unable to constantly show his order where the unjust stir. Thus the Eye was created to forsee any evil developments and report back. The Eye is not a master at battle, but is excellent at limited prophecy and far-seeing. The current Eye of Mithra is Arkot.

The Shield - Part of Justice is defending those that cannot defend themselves. Thus, the Shield's job is to protect the downtrodden from the forces of the unjust. The Shield utilizes magic to protect and heal, though just like a shield, can be used to deliver a good blow once in a while. The current Shield of Mithra is Athena.

The Fist - Sometimes, it is not necessary to eliminate an unjust person. For those times, Mithra calls upon his Fist. The Fist can cause harm, but it can also be used to intimidate and turn away. The Fist of Mithra is considered the "face" of the Mithril Order, and is usually the person who you'd want on your side if you want the support of the Council. The Fist is responsible for turning away minor injustices, but also for harming the bigger ones that are unrepentant. The current Fist of Mithra is Kerov Altec.

The Sword - When all else fails, the Sword of Mithra is there to smite the unrepentant and destroy those who are an affront to Justice. The Sword of Mithra is the only nonhuman Paladin Mithra has, being Goel (Kerov's sword). However, being sentinent, it has a vote and an opinion. Nobody is quite sure what Goel is exactly, and some speculate that it is Mithra himself. Kerov, however, will tell you it's just an arrogant weapon.