Midoku Tornas

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He's blue, da bo dee da bo dae.

Full Name Midoku Tornas
RP World Gaera Main
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence Varies, mostly in Doma City
Occupation Mercenary
Family Stephan Tornas (husband), Shelia Hyral (mother-in-law), Daniel Hyral (brother-in-law)
Race Unknown
Physical Description Stands at approximately 5'8". Bright green eyes with dark green irises. Blue skin. Hair is blood red, shoulder-length and tends to be wavy. Has small fangs that occasionally peek out from his lips. Build is rather petite, often getting him mistaken for a woman.
Typical Clothing Dark green robes, a light brown belt around the middle, with a purple buckler. When travelling, tends to wear a large yellow steeple hat with a light blue trim. Said hat tends to leave a shadow over his face, though his bright green eyes tend to light up from light reflecting off.
Personality Very curious, eager to learn about new things and subjects. At the same time, he tends to be very shy and wary of strangers. Once he gets to know people, however, he is quite friendly.
Religious Beliefs He holds no favor for any paticular God or Goddess. Still, he is intrigued by tenants of several Gods, and eager to learn about different faiths. Much like his husband, he has much ill-will towards Nakibe.
Drunk Type Feral. Those fangs aren't just for show.
Other Due to smoothing over his significant other's actions so frequently, Midoku habitually speaks with an overly formal tone.