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| '''physical description'''
| '''physical description'''
| Joachim's a big guy (about 6'5"), with tanned skin and blond hair that he ties back however he can.
| Joachim's a big burly guy (about 6'5"), with tanned skin and blond hair that he ties back however he can.  
| '''typical clothing'''
| '''typical clothing'''

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(rp world)
(Gaera Main)
(I'll do this later, too)
current residence New Nekonia
occupation Recent laborer, current soldier for the White Roses.
family (None who are relevant right now, but I'll add something here later.)
race Human
physical description Joachim's a big burly guy (about 6'5"), with tanned skin and blond hair that he ties back however he can.
typical clothing Joachim's clothing always starts out simple enough, but depending on how much free time and access to supplies he has... sometimes it ends up with custom tailoring or needlework on it.
personality Joachim is quite affable and enjoys new people a great deal. He just has something of a communication barrier with them. Because he's had his tongue cut out, Joachim is unusually animated as he attempts to make his intentions and suggestions clear through gesturing and pantomiming. Now and again he will give up and simply write a note to someone if the message is too complicated to get across any other way. He 'can actually' speak to some extent, even though he doesn't have access to a lot of consonant sounds because of his lack of a tongue. The fact that he can talk is contrary to most people's assumptions, which is just how he likes it. He's a fairly simple guy, which is not necessarily the same as being slow. He just boils things and situations down to a very simple core before making any decisions about them.
religious beliefs Reveres Fideleo, thanks to the evangelizing of an inujin he knew when he was younger.
drunk type Happy drunk. Gets kind of slap-happy and even more easily amused than usual.


Joachim is 27. Big human guy, one of many human retainers to a nekojin family. Of course, they needed halberdiers as retainers because they were involved in a lot of shady dealings and wanted plenty of armed defender types around their place.

Of course, humans and inujin aren't exactly quite on the same level as the nekojin family members themselves, but they'd known Joachim since he was about 14, so they knew he was cool. This is why they eventually had him as a guard for the home itself, which resulted in him getting pestered by the women of the house to help with chores. He has a hard time telling women no, so he learned how to do things like laundry and needlework.

When the family went to Ka'thalar to settle, they took their whole household with them. Things were cool for a while. New place with far more people willing to speak Common to the big friendly human guy, so that was nice.

Unfortunately, there came a time when guarding the house meant keeping someone in. This was during the latter part of the conflict over the region, around the time that the nekojin solidified their hold over their new, wider territories. He wasn't really comfortable with the idea of holding prisoners, but the family'd been good to him and loyalty was important.

But then he started talking to her. Hard time telling women no, remember? He passed a message out for her, and as it happened it gave her friends a chance to break her out. Of course, the family knew who'd done it and the men of the household would have simply cut Joachim's throat and dumped him in the river if not for the protests of their womenfolk.

Mercy from nekojin criminals took the form of cutting his tongue out and leaving him to his luck. It was the best they could do and still save face, so it had to be enough. After the conflict ended, Joachim was picked up by nekojin running a labor camp some distance away, and he made himself pretty useful. Most of his guards thought he was okay for a human, and he did more than his share without griping about it.

He misses things like talking properly and tasting what he eats, but he knew that he had good reason for doing what he did, and wouldn't feel right about regretting it just because it turned out badly. Best a man can do is the best he can do, and sometimes shit happens. He would like to get that whole tongue thing fixed, though. Even if he's mostly made his peace with it, finding a healer good enough to repair that is never far from his mind.



Nothing yet.

Philsys Necessaries

(Pending, as right now Joachim only exists on paper in D&D 4e.)