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FIRED and Ashy!
The Jade Dragon was burned down during the events of [[From the Ashes]] but was recently rebuilt by a group of [[Tuatha|Tuathan druids]], and as [[Dia Rai]] is now back in town, she's once again taken over her inn. Boo long absences. Hooray Dia!
The Jade Dragon Inn has been BURNT DOWN. (Yaes, again. The GM of this event asked and received permission, for ze record). The current residents are displaced, and there is a giant fired out husk of a building where the JD used to reside. There are GMy plans to rebuild it, so please contact [[User:Kai|Kai]] if you would like to get involved in that.
Dia herself is out of [[Doma_City|D.C.]] and has been for roughly a month (board RP: To Cure a Cabbit), so she has no idea what's going on!
=== Employees and Residents ===
=== Employees and Residents ===

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classic boredom-inspired floorplan, on professional-level graph paper!
  • Non alcoholic:
    • milk.......g5
    • juice (apple, orange).......g4
    • soda.......g8
    • coffee -- house blend.......g1.50
    • coffee -- Argovian blend.......g2.50
    • hot tea.......g2
    • hot cocoa.......g2
  • Alcoholic:
  • mixed drinks:
    • Bahamut.......g10
    • Cat O' Nine Tails.......g10
  • rum, beer, ale, and other:
    • Hawking's Rum.......g4
    • Kyok Rum.......g4
    • Silden's Rum.......g5
    • Hawking's Beer.......g3.50
    • Reagel's Beer.......g3
    • Waré Beer.......g3
    • Hawking's Ale.......g5
    • Narshe Dragonale.......g6
    • Nocket Cider.......g4
    • Valthka.......g7
    • Ole Hawkin's Headhunter's Washrag.......g6
    • Sake.......g6.50
    • Sangría.......g6.50
  • wine:
    • -white-
    • Nivea White (house).......g4
    • Marmel Blanc.......g10
    • Himdel Onnaychard.......g14
    • -red-
    • Blome Azshir (house).......g4
    • Blome Netcaber.......g10
    • Poel Tagepino.......g10
    • Babbao Lotmer.......g12
    • Zinfal Gerberin.......g14
  • Appetizers:
    • House Salad -- Lettuce, tomatoes, carrot, and cheese, topped off with crunchy fried potato sticks. Your choice of dressing. .......g7
    • Soup of the Day -- A steaming bowl of the daily special. .......g6
    • Bread Basket -- A basket of warm rolls, served with butter and jam. .......g5
    • Tuna Crackers -- A plate of saltine crackers topped with tuna salad. .......g6
  • -Soup of the Day list-
    • Ishus -- Potato stew
    • Dammasus -- Cream of corn
    • Falisus -- Cream of mushroom
    • Istarus -- Chocobo Noodle
    • Numius -- Broccoli and cheddar
    • Tunarus -- Clam chowder
    • Ashurarus -- Beef stew
  • Bastet specialties:
    • Rice-Stuffed Rabbit -- A succulent rabbit, cooked to perfection and stuffed with steamed rice and vegetables. .......g26
    • Roasted Snake and Apples -- The finest plains snake, carefully roasted and spiced delicately. Served with a side of baked apples to complement its taste. .......g30
    • Wild Pig and Rice -- Roast wild pig, juicy and seasoned, served on fried rice and smothered in its own juices. .......g28
  • Bastet sidedishes:
    • cornbread -- made with the freshest plains' corn.......g2
    • fried corn -- a special, secret recipe.......g3
    • fried rice -- fried and served with fresh vegetables.......g3
  • Local Dinners:
    • Chocobo Steak -- A prime cut of chocobo, flame grilled to your specifications. Served with stir-fry vegetables and a baked potato. .......25
    • Warkaburger -- Lean warka meat cooked on the grill and served on a toasted bun. Topped with lettuce, tomato, and onions. Comes with fried potatoes. .......14
    • Val'ri Cod -- The freshest fish from the Val'ri, teleported in from the coast. Specially seasoned and breaded, then pan-fried to crisp perfection. Served with maccaroni and cheese and a breadroll. .......34
    • Supreme Salad -- Lettuce, tomatoes, celery, egg, ham, and cheese, topped off with crunchy fried potato sticks. Your choice of dressing. .......g13
  • Regular sidedishes:
    • breadrolls, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, baked apples, maccaroni and cheese.......g2 each
  • Sandwiches:
    • Serria Turkey -- Sliced roast turkey with crisp lettuce, ripe tomato, and fine mayonnaise, served on freshly baked salt rye. .......g8
    • Tuna Salad -- The JD's special recipe; served on white bread with lettuce and tomato. .......g8
    • Ham and Cheese -- Smoked ham and melted swiss cheese; served warm on toasted rye bread. .......g8
    • Veggie Combo -- Sliced peppers, lettuce, tomato, onions, and cheese on wheat bread, served with a dab of yellow mustard. .......g6
    • Peanut and Apple Butter -- A children's favorite. .......g5
  • Desserts:
    • Cheesecake -- With or without cherry topping. .......g2
    • Pudding -- Your choice of chocolate or apple. .......g2
    • Pie -- Fresh baked pie. Availability based on season. .......g3.50

  • The JD also serves Fusionaires, at 15 gil a pop, BUT, it is not kept on the menu. It is an Ayenee specialty so most patrons probably won't know about it to ask for it.
  • Mixed drinks are always open to additions -- Dia and the employees of the JD will often mix new drinks at the request of customers
  • The wine list is only what Dia keeps in stock regularly. She keeps a variety of some rarer wines in the back, a stock that changes regularly and is available upon inquiry.
  • If a regular customer or someone Dia knows ask for a special drink, Dia will do her best to get it in for him or her, especially if it is alcoholic. In which case, she'd keep the drink on hand, but not put it on the menu. For instance, she might have a box of Baronian tea for the Hyrals, or orange soda for Will.

One of the many inns of Doma City, Doma.


The Jade Dragon was burned down during the events of From the Ashes but was recently rebuilt by a group of Tuathan druids, and as Dia Rai is now back in town, she's once again taken over her inn. Boo long absences. Hooray Dia!

Employees and Residents

Ara du Mythril and Will Baseton have been employed at the JD in the past. Riss'ar, Richard Storm, Robert, and The Goblins are current employees, as well as the owner, Dia Rai.

Residents include the above, as well as the lapdragons Azul and Fluffy, Robert's dog Wiff, Fiar, and a character of Zemyla's whose name I keep forgetting. :(

The Goblins

The twelve goblins employed at the Jade Dragon are as much a staple to the inn as the food. It is said that the food only tastes so good if the goblins are getting enough violence and fighting in their days--and that's what Dia says. She tells people that's what Pheryl, the former owner, told her, and that if you lived in the inn day after day, you'd believe it, too.

The twelve goblins are:

  1. Big Momma Gob
  2. Gihin (RPed by pdRydia)
  3. Gunther
  4. Hunther
  5. Frans
  6. Sven
  7. Ren
  8. Helga
  9. Hilda
  10. Gwilliam
  11. Yilliam
  12. Gretel

Others are open for permanent RPers. Contact pdRydia


The Jade Dragon Inn was originally introduced ICly by the bastet Pheryl and a crew of 12 goblins, OOCly by the RPer Nekogami in a board CIRP. It was an immediate hit, as most inns and novelties are in D.C., and has grown in size since its more humble beginnings.

Partway through the history of the JD, ownership transferred quite abruptly from Pheryl to Dia Rai when the bastet just as abruptly approached Dia, the former in obvious distress. She informed Dia she would be honored if Dia--at the time a mercenary--would take over and ensure the success of her inn and its employees.

The two had previously uncomfortable relations, given Dia's resemblance to a demon race which had attacked and successfully wiped out the largest part of Pheryl's bastet tribe--at the time, the only bastets Pheryl knew to exist in Gaera. Given this and Dia's general desire to live--additionally complicated by not knowing how to deal with a crying woman--she accepted.

Pheryl had since met an Argovian bastet named Mystess, whom she wished to accompany to her fellow bastet's tribe in Argovia. Her leave from Doma was precipitated by unrequited love. (drama!)

The JD and the Malachian War

During the Malachian War, Dia decided it was time to get out of Doma. After all, she had two children, two lapdragons, a dog, and an absolutely helpless dragoon to worry about. She talked with the goblins, and they decided to split up--some would stay and help with the war effort, whilst others would come and help her settle in Nekonia.

Big Momma, Helga, Hilda, Gretel, Frans, Sven, Yilliam were the goblins who wound up accompanying Dia, Robert, Solis, Fluffy, Azul, Wiff, and Richard down to Nekonia and, eventually, setting up the Jade Dragon Restaurant.

Gihin, Gunther, Hunther, Ren, Gwilliam stayed behind to help Osbourne in the Ivory Horn cook and battle, in and out of the kitchen.

Uniquely JD Features

The Sign

There is a sign in the Jade Dragon, sitting behind the counter, which states some of the previously most-obvious, oft-broken rules of the Jade Dragon. It was the brainchild of Will Baseton and has a small illustration of a dragon eating a stick figure in a corner. New rules get added from time to time by various employees, but currently it reads:

    Please note: No fighting in the inn, upon penalty of death.
    Also, No Nudity, No Sex on the Main Floor, No Prostitution, No Feeding on Other Patrons, No Soul-Stealing, and No Inn Demolition. Subject to retroactive additions at any time.

The Pinball Machine

There is a pinball machine in the inn. It is wedged in a corner at the edge of the bar, off the the side of the performer's stage. It's made out of wooden pieces of old-timey bells and whistles and costs a gil to play, and is a great attraction to the Jade Dragon. Dia jealously guards the blueprints, which she drew up herself after carefully and painstakingly taking the machine apart and putting it back together.

The pinball machine was a gift from Reshtaha, the god of death. No, really. It was a much more agreeable way to liven up the Jade Dragon after his first idea, which was to turn the JD into a zombie ballroom.