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Intuition: +3<br>
Intuition: +3<br>
Charisma: +1<br>
Charisma: +1<br>
1+Dexterity: +4<br>
Dexterity: +4<br>
Agility: +3<br>
Agility: +3<br>
Strength: +1<br>
Strength: +1<br>
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Weapon Damage - Silver Dart (20)<br>
Weapon Damage - Silver Dart (20)<br>
Accuracy - Agi+Dex*2 +1<br>
Accuracy - 12<br>
Damage - 8+Str+2d4<br>
Damage - 9+2d4<br>
2x damage against undead.<br>
2x damage against undead.<br>

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Hakaril Tymisonn'

(rp world)
Hakaril Tymisonn
(Gaera Second Generation)
1314 EP (25)
Doma City, Doma
current residence Doma
occupation Hired Knife/Layabout
family Ak'Zhul Tymisonn (great-grandfather, deceased), Ak'Zhis Tymisonn (grandfather, deceased?), Jenna Tymisonn, (grandmother, deceased), Jazz Tymisonn (mother), Daenj'r Tymisonn, father, Jenna Tymisonn II (sister), Ak'Zhul Tymisonn (twin brother), Kodi Rae Tymisonn (half-brother), Rai'm Tymisonn (aunt), Kae'Oss Tymisonn (cousin)
race Dhampir (half vampire)
typical clothing Red, widebrimmed hat, matching duster, black pants, black boots, and a white buttondown shirt
personality Hakaril is, essentially, a cheeky bastard. He's a wiseass, and quick with a flip comment. However, when things get too personal, he gets very defensive and closes up like a clam.
religious beliefs Doesn't really care about the gods one way or the other. They don't bother him, he doesn't bother them.
drunk type Weepy.
other Nothing.


... he hasn't really DONE anything yet. He's just Dae's half-vamp, non-holy liking kid. I'll work on it.

Fics and Associated Writings



    Nothing yet.

Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Hakaril Tymisonn (KingOfDoma) Level: 1 XP: 275/1000
Max HP: 60/60 Max MP: 70/70 Max TP: 16
Initiative: 3+2d6


Courage: +1
Wisdom: +3
Intuition: +3
Charisma: +1
Dexterity: +4
Agility: +3
Strength: +1
Stamina: +1
Magic Aptitude: 4

Base AT/PA - 12/12
Modified for skill -
Modified for armor -
Modified for weapon -

Body=Leather Coat (AC 3, DUR 12)
Head=Widebrimmed Hat (AC 5, DUR 5)
Arms=Leather Bracers (AC 5, DUR 10)

Weapon Damage - Silver Dagger (2)
Light - 6
Medium - 8
Heavy - 10
1.5x damage to undead.

Weapon Damage - Silver Dart (20)
Accuracy - 12
Damage - 9+2d4
2x damage against undead.

Magical Attack - 10
Magical Defense - 15
Missile Evasion - 19

  • Fire Magic - 6
  • Shadow Magic - 6
  • Knives - 5
  • Thrown Weapons - 2
  • Two-Weapon Fighting <Dex/Dex/Str> - 4
  • Swords - 2
  • Dhampiric Abilities - 3
  • Vampiric Lore (k) - 2
  • Woodcarving (s) - 2
  • Bartending (s) - 4

Spells and Techs

  • <Dhampiric Abilities=1> Blood Drain (2 TP) - Hakaril's victim loses one point of STA per minute provided Hak can continue draining their blood. They lose five HP per level and he gains that much by effectively increasing his STA at their expense. Bonus lasts for a number of hours equal to his level*two. He can choose to stop before killing his target, though is certainly not obligated to do so.
  • <Dhampiric Abilites=3> Flash Step (5 TP) - Hakaril taps into a short burst of superspeed, ignoring the target's PA roll.
  • <Fire=1> Burn (4 MP) - Does 8 + rank*2 + 1d6 burning damage to a target.
  • <Fire=3> Burnyou (10 MP) - Sets the target ablaze. These flames persist until the target "stops, drops, and rolls" (a standard action) or is doused by water or large quantities of dirt/mud. These flames deal 12+1d6 points of damage each round.
  • <Fire=4> Burnmore (12 MP) - Does 14 + rank*4 + 2d6 burning damage to a target.
  • <Fire=4> Burnall (29 MP) - Does 10 + rank*2 + 3d6 burning damage to targets within a 10 foot radius of Hakaril.
  • <Fire=6> Burngaera (45 MP) - Sets the ground in a ten foot radius on fire for 1 + 1d3 turns. After sustaining 8 + rank*2 + 1d6 damage in the first round, all enemies must make a standard AGI check vs. Hak's MATK every round. If it fails, they take 12+1d6 damage.
  • <Shadow=1> Shade (4 MP) - Does 8 + rank*2 + 1d6 dark damage to a target.
  • <Shadow=3> Shadeeye (10 MP) - Blinds a target for 1d4 turns. Target is at -6/-6 AT/PA and -6 Missile Evasion.
  • <Shadow=4> Shademore (12 MP) - Does 12 + rank*4 + 4d6 dark damage to a target.
  • <Shadow=4> Shadeall (29 MP) - Does 10 + rank*2 + 3d6 dark damage to targets within a 10-foot radius of Hakaril.
  • <Shadow=6> Shadewall (35 MP) - Creates a solid wall of dark energy around Hakaril for (rank) turns. Any melee attacker will receive 8 + rank*2 + 1d6 damage, regardless of the attack's success.