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Dray'kin (aka Dragon Kindred)
LIFESPAN: 2000+ years
A Dray'kin

Dray'Kin have several forms, their most natural being as a humanoid with draconian feet, tail, and wings, covered in scales in a range of colors. There are no common colors among Dray'kin, but RARE colors include: red, orange, Gold, Silver, white. Their wing membranes are usually a lighter shade of their scale color, but can be a diferent color completely, in rare cases, i.e. a draken with green scales and blue wing membranes. Dray'kin have slit pupil eyes of any color, and claws in place of nails. The second most used form is the full Dragon form. In this form, the Dray'kin retains all scales coloring and other coloring. The horns on the head are the colors the claws and tallons would usually be, which ranges from ebony to ivory. The spikes on the body will usually match the scales in some respect, or are the colors of the horns. This form can be made any size with paractice and training. The next form is more humanoid. More elflike, actually.They have the body of an elf, and the wings and claws of a Dragon. the eye color remains the same, and until this form is trained, may retain the slit pupils. The last form is a full elven form, where only the eye color, and hair color is the same as the original form, the rest is like an elf.


Flight, Magical Affinity (See MISC), Shapeshifting, Distance vision, Mind Speak in Dragon form, good sight in low light, good sight in bright light


Have somewhat poor close up vision, may have to wear reading glasses Dray'kin have "Magical Affinity" to a certain scool of magic, weither it be elemental magic, Necromancy, or Telepathy, etc. etc. They are very rare in Igala , though it is not known if perhaps they are native to some other continent.