Destruction (in-joke)

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Gather 'round children, to behold...behold the long thing bodypart known only as...DESTRUCTION.

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2005 Jan 25 11:26

Because it has been brought to my attention that this thread detailing this wonderful escapade has been long since destroyed. I bring to you the full-blown idiocy inhabiting the yahoo chats who's name I shall not mention because they would likely SEE it...

This, my friends, is a dodging 'pose' (for lack of better term since the MUSHing terminology works so well here) to a dragon soul beam. Dragon soul beam not included.

Brother_Malthalus_Vladimir What an extreme attack he had thought to himself, a large attack indeed for it would destroy him, and his embodiment like nothing he had felt before. But what could he do to evade such an attack? He could travel to the astral plane, but no that would have been to obvious, to plane and Malthalus was known throughout to show off and kill in style, even though he was an assassin he was an artistic one at that(c)

arch_mage65 . o O ( Er, aha. )

Brother_Malthalus_Vladimir He cackled as he ceased his movement and listened to her jabber on with her reciting rituals and non sense which was insignificant, he could have shoved a penis into her mouth during the time she took to finish her incantation. He was close enough to hear her, but not in physical striking distance, this was a bother to him, for he did not want to excel his physical form, but he needed too for she had raised(c)

Brother_Malthalus_Vladimir The bar. With the intense energy his physical and mental combined produced, he channels it through the reservoirs of his embodiment, charging it with the omnipotent strength, invigorating him, making his adrenaline run like it had never had before, because he had never reached this level, he never intended to reach this level for such a weak creature. But he guessed that all things in the eye(c)

Brother_Malthalus_Vladimir Of the beholder was not always the truth, and the truth wasn't always as plain as day either. The energy continues to build up within him, folding upon each layer making him rich and dense with the energy unique to himself, the energy which he called chaos. He called it this because with it he could bring such a thing into this world, chaos and destruction, he would have called it destruction but(c)

Brother_Malthalus_Vladimir But he called a long piece of his body that name. Around this time the spell which she had cast came into reality, destroying the material things in its wake, a slow blast but a powerful one which he knew he could and would dodge with ease. This furthered his thoughts that she was a worm, that she was a maggot and she could he squashed like a cockaroach, that was his knew nickname for her(c)

arch_mage65 . o O ( *finds ridiculous* )

Brother_Malthalus_Vladimir Simply he used the energy within his body to blink himself into the astral plane, the place which resides between all planes, the most frequently traveled place of all realities. He found people there of his stature, but he wondered how she achieved the right to travel here even though the answer would be insignificant. From within her he channels the axis' of hyperbola and parabola, the(c)

Brother_Malthalus_Vladimir X and Y axis of the cosmos, and with this he locked onto her form, locked onto it so that no matter where she traveled he would know, and she would be in the wake of another assault another wave of destruction. Now that her attack had come to pass, he transfers himself back into the prime material plane, hovering placidly over the embodiment of the woman, his target, his assignment(c)

arch_mage65 . o O ( You could roll a pair of focking d20s and solve the same thing v_v;;; )

Brother_Malthalus_Vladimir As he had changed the molecular structure of his blade he should do the same thing for the air around her. Changing the atoms of air into uranium, the atoms which would be a hundredth of an inch away from her skin, he causes them to become uranium, the unstable atom of destruction. Within this momentum he splits the thousands of atoms which he had chosen, causing a nuclear

Brother_Malthalus_Vladimir Assault to occur point blank around her from all sides, nuclear explosion 1000 times the one created during the modern age of the 20th century.