Alexander Hyral

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Full Name Alexander Jeremy Hyral
RP World Gaera Main
Birthplace Riva
Death 1299 EP, while defending Baron from invasion.
Occupation Baron Soldier
Family Daniel Hyral (Son), Stephan Tornas(Son), Shelia Hyral (Wife)
Race Human
Physical Description Stands approximately 6' tall. Blue eyes. Light skinned. Hair is auburn in color, short and mangy. Has a short beard sans mustache along his chin. Build is toned, but not overly muscular.
Typical Clothing Casual clothing is typically dark colored (usually black) shirts with a pale brown jacket, along with dark grey or brown pants. Military armor was cerulean blue in color, with periwinkle trimmings.
Personality He can be cynical sometimes about the nature of the world. Tends to speak his mind freely, which can come across as rude or insensitive when he's blunt about a subject. Makes a point of not showing himself to be overly emotional. However, deep down he's a very caring and loving person to those close to him.
Religious Beliefs In the later years of his life, Alex came to worship Reshtaha. In his youth, Alex caused the needless death of many innocent people. He felt that by paying homage to the deity of death, he could find some way to make amends.
Drunk Type Affectionate.
Other Nothing at this time.

Former Baronian soldier, father to Daniel Hyral and Stephan Tornas, and husband to Shelia Hyral.