Aftermath: The Crysanthemum Throne

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This page is a plot summary and infodump for User:Archmage's D&D 4th Edition tabletop game. Please check the talk page for more meta-game information and to communicate regarding scheduling and real-world details.

Campaign Overview


The setting for this campaign will be the continent of Ka'thalar in the Gaera Main universe.

See,, and for more detailed information; some of the bits about Ka'thalar are incomplete and do not make reference to more current events.

All of the core 4th Edition races and classes are available with some minor flavor adjustments and a few additionl options:

  • Dragonborn are half-dragons. Unlike the dragonborn description in the PHB, dragon-halves do have tails. Dragons are associated with their element, not with their color (or metal) and are not limited to any specific alignments. A dragon-half's breath weapon and scale color will always match.


The Mad Wizard

For a more detailed summary, see the article for Dark Obessions.

In 1315 EP the necromancer Elaith Thenswick, hoping to conquer Igala and win the endearment of Genevive Sarith, amassed an army of undead and began searching for the Orb of Prismatic Dragonkind. Unfortunately for the free world, Thenswick acquired the Orb and enslaved a number of supremely powerful dragons. Were it not for the efforts of a group of adventurers aided and supported by the Doman Army, Thenswick might have succeeded.

The war with Elaith laid waste to much of Ka'thalar's surface territories. Fear and uncertainty led the current inhabitants--mostly humans, elves, nekojin, and inujin--to consider a variety of possibilities for the restructuring of the continent.

The Reconstruction

Numerous small groups sprung up all over Ka'thalar's contested area and began fighting to control the continent.

Kathalar factions.png

The major factions were as follows:

  • Crusaders of Tunare: Green. A group of wood elf druids who desired to unite the continent under the nature goddess Tunare.
  • Enlightened Monarchy of Asharia: Maroon. A human faction whose leader made a deal with a balor. Once this particular treachery was discovered, Asharia fell to the combined alliance of several other factions.
  • Order of the Silver Falcon: Light blue. An order-obsessed faction.
  • Karzak's Expedition: Dark blue. An orcish settlement party led by a powerful diviner.
  • Unification Movement of Ka'thalar: Orange. A mixed-race faction led by a Nekonian samurai. Opposed to nationalism and dedicated to fairness and justice.
  • Coalition of Andur: Purple. An alliance of woodcutters and farmers whose homes were destroyed in the war with Elaith that settled their differences to try to unify the continent under a single banner.
  • Fideleo's Hounds: Brown. A mostly-inujin faction led by a paladin who was convinced that the destruction wrought by Elaith was due to a lack of faith in god. Its supporters were all worshippers of Inugami, and their goals for the rest of the continent were simple--force everyone else to convert, die, or leave.
  • The Fatal Paw: Red. A nationalist nekojin faction led by a samurai warlord who wanted to eliminate all those on the continent not loyal to Nekonia.
  • The White Roses: Silver. A mostly human faction led by a bard from Baron. The primary goal of the White Roses was to establish a democratic republic allowing government by the people.

At the end of the Reconstruction, new political boundaries were ultimately drawn based on treaties and diplomatic negotiations:

New Kathalar political.png

The orcs were expelled from the continent and the wood elves were ultimately confined to the northern forests. The inujin have been hemmed into their own small theocratic nation. Most of the territory to the west of the river is now split between what was the Coalition of Andur and the Unification Movement of Ka'thalar--the northern region is now all referred to as Tarragon (orange), and the southern region is now all called Andur.

East of the river, Kazeroran and the other territories were ultimately subjugated by the New Nekonian faction calling itself "The Fatal Paw." The entire east is now under the control of the nekojin warlord Yukio Takahashi.


Daimyo Takahashi has proclaimed himself Emperor of New Nekonia. The once-independent communities of eastern Ka'thalar now fly the flag of the Fatal Paw. Non-nekojin citizens are second-class at best--many are literally enslaved, forced to work in labor camps or mines. Anyone who challenges the ethnic superiority of the nekojin ruling class is harshly punished.

A small group of Kazeroran citizens have gathered together to make a stand against the oppression of the New Nekonian occupation. While their numbers are few and their forces are weak, all hope is not yet lost. It is said that the leader of the White Roses, Tristan Kavanaugh, is still alive and potentially a prisoner of the imperial army. There may be weapons and tools to loot in the remnants of Elaith's fortress that might turn the tide. Diplomacy with other nations might convince their leaders that Emperor Takahashi is a threat that must be eliminated. The common people must be reminded that their future is not hopeless as long as their wills are strong.

This is where you come in.