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Note on Dragon Society in General

"Dragons social creatures and also conform to a social hiearchy as most social creatures do. The are emperor dragons, which is not to say they are the rulers but they are usually the largest of the dragons, unnaturally so. This is probably a mutation as they are extemely rare. 1 in every 5000 dragons may be an emperor or a half emperor. These emperor dragons usually take up the role of leader but in the case that they do not the next in line is a generally respected dragon. This dragon may have to contend for power, either physically, socially, or a mixture of both.

"Female dragons are socially on par with male dragons. The sizes between the two don't vary too much, though males bear more spikes and larger horns. Females can also be leaders and empresess but only 1 in every 9000 is an empress. Females usually entertain smaller, tighter groups over larger, more impersonal ones. Females tend to enjoy conversation and analysis more than the males who enjoy looking at the 'big picture'.

Outcasts or 'Rai'

"It takes quite a bit to be outcast, or in the case of shadow dragons, not much at all. Barring insanity caused by whatever, murder, social corruption at large, and general displays of 'evil' are all reasons that dragons have been outcasted and considered Rai.

"Due to Ryuugami's general love and respect for life and prosperity, shadow dragons are a bit touch and go at being considered as bretheren. The shadow dragons have been characterized by the other breeds as being harsh, cruel, cold and basically evil. On the contrary, the shrewdness, intelligence, and rather blunt nature of the shadow dragons (as well as the reputation of the more evil shadow dragons) have been greatly misinterpreted. If there is any crime they can be committed of, sarcasm would be the greatest.

"After the Solasian Wars, the dragon community adopted the general belief that Ryuugami had abandoned them entirely and the newer generations calls themselves the 'Rai'. It's a bit of a misnomer but due to the weakness and sparcity of Ryuugami's priesthood and the spread to which the dragons have cast themselves have made efforts to strengthen the dragons have been difficult." -- Neko

Gre'Par'th Dragons

"Though refurred to as dragons by the Gre'par'thian tribes these are in fact Wyrms, almost mindless ceatures that live only to kill and eat. The lowest form of dragon there can ever be, they don't have any magical abilites at all, from breathing fire, to flight, to telepathy. No true culture exists and they have no form of speech.

"There life span can go up to 50 years, however it is more then likely they'll have been killed before that time. Each Wyrm can take 10 years for there body to fully mature allowing them to breed. Breeding takes place once every 5 years, for those able, and the Wyrms collect together and the strongest fight for the right to mate. (This is all purely instint and no larger thought goes behind it) =-oh well thats it from me. Not to good at these sorts of things anyway. I'm not sure what Ryuugami will think of these creatures, or how they came about if they are sub-dragons but maybe you'll have fun thinking of a story :P-=" -- Choark

Dragons of the Mount

"The Mount is home to representatives of just about every dragon type that ever existed on Gaera as a whole, as well as some that have never called Gaera their home, and migrated to the Mount from elsewhere.

"The Mount is but one name for the massive plane that these dragons call home. It can be reached from Gaera by travelling to an island Southeast of Argovia, getting past the humans and dragonkin living there, climbing the mountain that takes up most of the island, and convincing an Elder Platinum dragon that resides there to let you through the portal he guards. Not surprisingly, the Mount doesn't have a brisk tourist trade...

"The plane is made up of 3 distinct "layers" - the under-layer (the seemingly bottomless depths of earth), the sky-layer (the sky and the countless floating islands) and the 'twixt-layer (everything in between the first two). Naturally each layer is home to different varieties of dragons.

"The Mount is governed by councils. Twenty or so dragons living in close proximity on the same layer meet to form a council whenever there is an issue to be discussed. The eldest/most powerful/most respected dragon of each council then takes part in another council, made up of members of about twenty or so smaller councils. So on and so forth, until around twenty dragons meet at the Summit, held at the colossal mountain at the centre of the plain, which is considered neutral ground and part of all three layers. (I'll add moe soon. I hope.) " -- Blaze

RETCONNED! New infos in the works. --Dia 19:16, 28 March 2007 (PDT)



  • drake -- is a name for a dragon who hasn't reached adulthood, normally in it's "teenage" years, although it can apply to older children as well -- Jak
  • pups -- baby Long (Argovian dragons)
  • kits -- baby Aldrosian
  • squabs -- baby griffons

To Kadrin from Neko

The Solasian dwarves are a bit different from mountain dwarves and if a dwarf or any thing tried to make a pet out of a desert dragon he'd get yelled out then flamed. Solasian dwarves originally came from the mountains and started to war with encroaching humans. In a brief war (3 years), the griffons and dragons intervened on either side. A certain faction of dwarves saw the advantage of the dragons and griffons (who are equally intelligent and socially similar) and became mounted riders. Since both desert dragons, griffons, and dwarves tend to be a bit pompous they get along exceptionally well. So don't think of the mounts of the dwarves as beasts but rather comrades in battle." -- Neko

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