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(rp world)
(Gaera Main)
Dunno. She lost track.
current residence Wherever.
occupation Drunken master/professional barfighter
family Rapierre Waepon (father), Shillelagh Waepon (half-sister), Zea Mazuo (daughter)
race Half-Human, Half-succubus
physical description Quinn is a rather tall, well-muscled woman (not to the "Fabio in a bikini" weightlifter extent, but she's definitely kept up with her physical fitness regimen.) with large black bat wings. These are not the only manifestations of her demonic blood. She also has rather obvious fangs and claws instead of fingernails. Her skin is covered in delicate scales, shaded in color from very light grey on her extremities to black down the back of her neck and on her back.
typical clothing Whatever makes her look good. Usually a lot of black, and halter tops to give her wings the mobility they need.
personality Quinn is friendly. Except for the uncontrolled savage brutality she exhibits in a fight, she's nice to just about everyone. After all, everyone she meets could be a wonderful and interesting person. The proper thing to do with wonderful and interesting people is to have sex with them.
religious beliefs None. Gods are cool. It's good that they're there.
drunk type n/a
PC "friends" Myrnal Shalienza, Ardam Elmine, Ake Tanner, Zeke Mazuo, Kae'oss Tymisonn, Valerie, Reshtaha, Bixby d'Angelo, Shiranai, Layne Cooper, and a bunch of NPCs ranging from underlings of evil necromancers to the present High Chancellor of New Nekonia.


Quinn lived with her human mother for the early years of her life, resulting in a more human name. She didn't have contact with Rapierre, her incubus father, for the first several years of her life. Rapierre, when it occurred to him he ought to do so, took her in and rapidly forgot about her, finding alcohol a more engaging way to occupy his time. Due to a general lack of supervision, Quinn had to find her own ways of proving herself to the fullblooded demons. She slept with them. This was just Quinn's way of making friends. Maybe it's because she has succubus blood, but really... how well can you know someone you've never had sex with?

This particular habit is something Quinn never grew out of. She extends the offer of friendship to men and women alike, but can be "just friends" in the traditional sense. It's possible, but it feels very unnatural to her.

When Quinn was relatively young, her father commissioned one of his guards to teach Quinn and her half-sister Shillelagh some basic self-defense. Consequently, Quinn does have a good bit of respect for teachers. Sharing knowledge is something people should always be willing to do.

At one point, her father acquired a bizarre magical item that allowed him to store a rather odd assortment of animals inside a small belt-worn pouch. Quinn wanted it. He refused her repeatedly, and in retaliation Quinn persuaded a gentleman friend to level part of her father's house. Her father grounded her in the "house dungeon." While there, Quinn met a new prisoner who appeared to be totally drunk after his near-successful escape attempt. It seemed that the more he drank, the harder the guards had to work to restrain him.

Quinn was intrigued, and struck up a conversation with the mysterious prisoner. Upon learning the man was trained as a drunken master, Quinn offered to help him escape in return for similar training. He agreed and Quinn ran off with him.

Quinn occasionally does mercenary work, but isn't really interested in the money. The instant gratification of killing is rivalled only by the pleasure of meeting new and interesting people.

Close Relationships

One such person who eventually takes on special significance for Quinn is Zeke Mazuo, a mercenary she met and struck up an acquiantance with. She found that he was one of very few people she had ever met who actually understood how she felt about other people. Many of her 'friends' assume that there is absolutely no connection except for sex between themselves and Quinn, which is close to true but not totally there. Some people get the mistaken impression that an exclusive relationship is not only possible, but present. Quinn calls these people "weird and possessive" and moves on. Still worse than these people are the men (and they usually are men) who treat Quinn with condescension because she's a woman who happens to enjoy sex at least as much as they do. Even Quinn likes to be treated as more than a good cheap lay.

Zeke Mazuo got it. He wasn't exclusive, and didn't expect her to be. He treated her with respect and, at least as importantly, she decided that he's good in bed. Everyone likes to be understood and appreciated, and Quinn had that with Zeke. After having known him for a few years, it became obvious that, barring her own violent death, Quinn would probably outlive the mercenary.

Rather than face a future in which there was no Zeke in the world, Quinn made a decision that most people find unfathomable. At least, the people who know her often think so. Before Quinn left him after one of their 'reunions,' she willingly conceived a child by him. She left before she could begin to show the pregnancy. Quinn never told Zeke about Zea Mazuo, the daughter who carries on his name and quite frankly resembles him more than she does Quinn.

Zea eventually requested that Quinn not tell Zeke about her, preferring to introduce herself personally. Quinn agreed to this, and has honored her promise. She has not told Zeke about their child, even though she did have an opportunity to do so when Zea was sixteen. In Quinn' opinion, Zeke isn't ready to be a father, and likely never will be. She loves him in her own way, and she knows that he could never be happy as a family man. Rather than change the life he has built for himself, Quinn simply chose to leave him out of his daughter's life.

Quinn and Zea have a close relationship, even though neither one has a very good understanding of the other beyond what a lifetime together can give. Quinn was supportive when Zea decided to leave the Netherworld to go find her father. They keep in touch.


Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Quinn (Kai) Level 1; 0/1000 XP


Courage: +4
Wisdom: +1
Intuition: +2
Charisma: +4
Dexterity: +1
Strength: +5
Stamina: +2
Magic Aptitude: 0


Drunken boxing - 4 <Cou/Agi/Str>
Equipment Breaking (sundering) - 4<Str/Str/Cou>
[s]Two Fisted - 4<Dex/Dex/Str>
Improvised weaponry - 4 <Cou/Agi/Str>
[s]Drinking - 4 <Sta>
Erotic arts - 4 <Int/Cha/Cha>
Diplomacy - 3 <Cha/Cha/Int>
[s]Athletics - 4<Str/Sta/Agi>