Makura Kuragari

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Makura Kuragari
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(rp world)
Makura Kuragari
(Gaera MAC)
4 Tzelara, 3062
Isil, Doma
current residence MAC Igala A, Doma
occupation Magitek Armored Corps Soldier
military rank Tek Lieutenant
family Kamen Kuragari (father), Vesper Kuragari (mother), Benten Kuragari (older brother), Elsa Kuragari (older sister), Kagero Kuragari (younger brother)
race Drow
physical description 5'3", 110 lbs.; pointed ears typical of an elf; midnight blue skin; white hair; green eyes
typical clothing MAC Igala A uniform, grey with green stripe and black leather boots, indicative of assignment to Delta Unit. When not in uniform, Makura tends to wear tight-fitting t-shirts (tucked in) and khakis (with a belt), as well as low-cut white sneakers.
personality Ambitious, often overly-serious mecha pilot. Makura is incredibly concerned with his social status and his position within the MAC heirarchy, and he carries himself as being more experienced than he actually is as a result. He is continually trying to live up to the piloting legacy of his older siblings, particularly Benten. Makura is ruthless and efficient; victory and success are more important to him than friendship or emotional connections with other people, and he often feels that immaturity or indecisiveness in his allies makes them unfit for duty. He is much more sensitive than he lets on; the difficulty of living in the shadow of his siblings and the pressure to perform placed upon him by his family has greatly influenced his behavior.
religious beliefs Does not actively revere any deity
drunk type Boastful
affiliations MAC Igala, SentanCorp (formerly)
miscellaneous Makura is an excellent Groove Groove Uprising player; he rarely plays in public, but instead practices in seclusion unless he needs to demonstrate his skills to show up a challenger. Despite his serious demeanor and apparent focus on productivity and duty, he greatly enjoys playing video games, particularly competitive virtual reality sparring simulations such as Sinful Cog X and real-time strategy games. He is intensely fond of Inustani food, particularly fajitas, quesadillas, and burritos.


Makura Kuragari's family is distantly-related to Kage Sentan, the drow dragoon who liberated the oppressed lower classes of Isil back in the early 1300's. Makura is exceptionally proud of this fact, as he believes himself to come from what might be the most noble line of drow ever to live on Igala (or Gaera, for that matter). His family has held high station within SentanCorp, a major electronics and mechanics manufacturing company, for several hundred years. As a result, Makura's family (though not Makura himself) is ludicrously wealthy and successful. His original armor, a variant on the OPT-LBX9/A "Shadowstorm" mecha, was modified by SentanCorp engineers to suit Makura's whims; his current battlemech, the AS07 "Mephisto" was designed by Makura himself, and is modelled to resemble an ancient dragoon's armor, only mecha-sized for the modern battlefield.

All of the children in Makura's family--including his older sister Elsa, older brother Benten, and younger brother Kagero--are Teks, meaning that they have the semi-magical ability to attune to an astral symbiote that inhabits an A2, or tek armor. This aptitude, in combination with familial pressure, allowed Benten to be one of the top three students in his graduating class at the MAC Academy in Doma; Elsa's piloting reputation is nearly as impressive. As a result, Makura has incredible standards that he must meet in order to both bring honor to his family and be accepted by them as a worthy member of the Kuragari clan.

Kamen Kuragari, Makura's father, has long been a member of the "drow mafia," an underground resistance organization dedicated to engineering the collapse of Igala to turn the tide of the war between Igala and the Ka'thalar drow. Until the events of Vessels of Souls, Makura was largely unaware of his father's ties to terrorists; he had some knowledge that his father's business deals were occasionally slightly shady, but the precise nature of his transactions did not become known until Makura began to investigate the issue personally.

Vessels of Souls

Transferred to MAC Igala D to deal with the threat of attacking "ghost armors," Makura initially found his comrades in Delta Unit to be on one end of two extremes; incredibly unbearable or incredibly suspicious, possibly excepting Serran Dien, who he respects as a versatile professional. After a confrontation with the enemy armors and the retrieval of a disabled opponent, SentanCorp turned up as a possible source for the attacks. Deciding that he would best be able to infiltrate SentanCorp by himself, Makura took leave for "family reasons" and returned home to try to uncover the truth of the matter. From his insider position, Makura contacted Delta Unit, notably Serran, several times with new information whenever possible. Eventually, his position was compromised, and Kamen had Makura imprisoned.

Disgusted with his family's actions, Makura swore that he would make them all regret turning away from the family's honor; what would Kage think of this gross betrayal of alliances forged millenia ago with his sweat and blood? Kamen informed Makura that he was simply too immature and idealistic to understand the perspective of the drow trying to conquer Igala, pointing to numerous injustices committed against drow during the early warring period when suspicion of drow citizens was at its highest. Disowning his son, Kamen ordered his special forces to take Makura with them and Izue Mazuo so that he could be used as a hostage in the event that Delta Unit tried to assault Izue and take the remote control device for the orbital weapons platform threatening Igala. Fortunately for Makura, he discovered that Benten was still on his side, though the two of them were unable to oppose Kamen in their present state of capture. When Delta Unit infiltrated the Wells Memorial Hospital, they found Makura and Benten and released them after Izue made his escape.

Makura still holds a great deal of pride for his ancestors, but he believes that the current generation has disgraced their name--all the more reason for him to rise up and prove that the Sentan-Kuragari line is still noble and an ally to the country of Doma.


Magitek Armored Corps 3092, the original (unfinished) MAC RP Vessels of Souls: GMed by Archmage


OPT-LBX9/A "Shadowstorm"(Modified version)
AS07 "Mephisto"



Makura Kuragari (Archmage)

Stats Advantages and Disadvantages Skills
Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost
ST: 10 0 Tek Aptitude (Level 3) 35 Piloting (Mecha) - 16 16
DX: 13 30 Mecha Ownership (150-point) 20 Gunner (Beam Weapons) - 14 1
IQ: 14 45 Appearance (Beautiful, Bishounen) 15 Gunner (Flamers) - 14 1
HT: 10 0 Composed 5 Gunner (Rockets) - 14 1
Strong Will (Level 1) 4 Polearm - 14 4
Acute Hearing (Racial, Level 2) 4 Beam Weapons - 15 1
Acute Vision (Racial, Level 2) 4 Electronics Op (Sensors) - 13 1
Darkvision 25 Electronics Op (Communicators) 1
Bully -10 Computer Operation - 14 1
Sadism -15 Engineer (Mecha) - 12 1
Jealousy -10 Mechanic (Mecha) - 13 1
Overconfidence -10 Forgery - 12 1
Bloodlust -10 Detect Lies - 12 1
Callous -6 Interrogation - 12 0.5
Proud -1 Stealth - 12 1
Self-centered -10 Heraldry - 13 1
Games (Video) - 13 0.5
Motorcycle - 13 1