Hiro Shu

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  • Name: Hiro 'The Whirlwind' Shu
  • RPer: PupoSujo
  • Rank: Flame Warrior of the Order of Fire
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 6'10
  • Weight: 275
  • Weapon: BIG naginata.
  • Armor: Red and yellow robes over heavy mithril chainmail.
  • Description: For what he looks like, look at this, minus the hat and beard, replacing the green with yellow. Also, his weapon doesn't have any dragons on it, though the blade design is similar. As for personality, Hiro is a very serious and grave man, though very close to his personal friends. He is a terror in combat, and is called The Whirlwind because of his long, sweeping strokes. If you are looking for someone with crowd control or reach, look no further. He cares little or nothing about magic, rarely using it unless he has a real need to, and only then focusing on spells that bolster his combat abilities. He is a great friend and a terrible enemy.